“Connect The Dots”, 07-17.03.2017 Limassol, Cyprus

The training course ”Connect The Dots”‘ will address the topics of social inclusion and antidiscrimination. This being the main theme of our project reflects the needs of multiple European societies since all of them, due to different reasons, face social exclusion. It will aim to develop among participants active expression of civic participation which will strengthen common European values such as solidarity, openness, understanding and liberty for combating poverty and marginalization through and in volunteering. ”Connect The dots” will be held in Limassol, Cyprus from 7th until 17th of March 2017. Through using non formal learning methods such as workshops, discussions, simulation games and forum theatre it will provide to participants the competencies, skills and knowledge about poverty, marginalization, sustainable peace, human rights, anti discrimination policies and social cohesion in order for them to take actions as multipliers for greater social and community involvement in thenframework of Erasmus+ Programme. The implementation of this project will result in higher level of awareness about the importance of social inclusion in the communities involved which will lead to greater effort in developing and implementing long term inclusion strategies, so we could all engage in making society where similarities are celebrated and differences are respected.

Working methods and preparation for project
The project is organized from and for young people. Our activities during the preparation,
implementation, evaluation and follow up phase ensure active participation of young people in each
stage of the project. We want the project to make a positive change in the life of young participants and
thus we value their reaction, opinion and feedback at every step of this project.
Participants Profile
The TC will gather 27 participants, including training team, that are coming from 8 different countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Poland.
The participants of this project are youth workers, youth leaders or multipliers that encounter in their work with youngsters that are facing issues exclusion or discrimination on any ground. Most of them are coming from deprived geographical, social or economical areas. Even though they have in working with young people in their local areas, because of their low access to information, new ideas and methods they cannot fully meet the need of their work. Since they have to constantly enhance their working performance, as well as develop according to society’s needs, we believe that it is highly
important to provide them knowledge, skills and methods needed for their personal and professional development. Also, we want to emphasize the need of networking that occurs in this kind of projects, since it is clear that it helps in developing youth work, which benefits both the participants of this project, as well as the youngsters they work with.


How to apply
Please FILL THE APPLICATION FORM until 30/01/2017: http://tmel.me/applicationform_CtD

“New youth skills exchange” 23-29.03.2017 Poronin, Poland

“New youth skills exchange” Poronin, Poland


Project “New Youth Skills Exchange” gathers 5 NGOs from Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It consists of 2 main activites realsied in Poronin, Poland: APV for 5 leaders on 4-5.03.2017 and later a youth exchange of 35 participants aged 18-25 on 23-29.03.2017 (5 groups of 6 youth plus leader). Our main aim is to exchange experiences and increase our competence in the field of entrepreneurship and labour market. We have prepared diverse working methods, namely, group work, individual work, brainstorming, stock exchange simulation game, other games, competitions, self-presentations, working on the Internet, using technologies, preparing analytic documentations, discussions, evaluations, sum-ups, role plays, workshops, national evenings, exercising new skills, inter-cultural and integrating activities, presenting and promoting the results of our work among the local community. All days of the project will end with a sum-up which will be a part of the evaluation and will ensure a high quality of the project. Simultaneously, it will gather the information needed for preparing the Youthpass. As a result of this project we want to increase our competences, gain new inspiration, make friendships and leave some tangible effect of our work – 2 very interesting and useful analytical documents, which we will later promote and disseminate.

Practical details:

The Cypriot team is composed by  6 young (age 18-25) participants + 1 leader (no age limit)

All costs (accommodation, food, programme,  insurance) covered by organizers.

Travel costs limits (per person) :Cyprus – 170 euro.

Exchange venue:

Villa Austryjok http://austryjok.pl  (all facilities reserved only for our group) Participants will share 2,3 or 4 people rooms, all with pr ivate bathroom and TV. We will have a separate party hut to make disco, barbeque party , etc.

Applications until 10/02/2017

“YOUTHPASS : Useful or Useless”, Busteni , Romania 20-29.03.2017

Summary of the project :

“ Youthpass:useful or useless ? let’s debate !” is a youth exchange between 20-29 march 2017 to be held in Busteni,Romania with 42 participants from 8 countries :Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland,Romania and includes 18 youngsters with fewer opportunities.

The context is connected with increasing of youth unemployment and misunderstanding of role of key competences and youthpass certificate for getting a job

The aim of the project is to increase awareness of youngsters upon the role of developing the key competences in their personal and proffesional development and upon using the youthpass certificate to valorize the competences assimilated through voluntarate and nonformal education

The objectives are :

-define and understanding the key competences and their role in personal and professional development for facilitate access of youngsters on labour market

-increase youth interest for youthpass certificate and a better awareness of its potential in self portfolio and personal folder for getting a job

-promote “debate” as non formal education method to understand role of key competences and youthpass in personal development and access on labour market

-to offer for 34 youngsters and 8 leaders from 8 countries a common space to reflect on a better understanding of cultural diversity  and importance of european cooperation

Forseen activities are for preparation,introduction and getting to know eachother,trust and team building,presentation of participants and organizations,introduction of Erasmus + programme and youthpass certificate,cultural visits in Busteni and Prahova Valley region,intercultural evenings and evenings thematic or at youngsters disposal.There will be 5 thematic workshops for presentations of reasearches and introduction of terminology,then a intermediary workshop to explain the method and a debate tournament with 8 teams that will play in 4 rounds and in the end will edit a brochure with conclusions. Besides there will be transversal activities for visibility,management and monitorizing.

The methodology will be based on nonformal education and will consist in games ,presentations,debates,role plays and simulations ,workshops,visits,”world school debate “ competition

Results of the project will be a brochure, a film with the final ,a blog and a final DVD.The disemination will be done by all participants through internet and social networks,informations in associations and also by partners in mass media,partnership,on line posting.

Full programme: USEFUL-AGENDA

Participants :

The Cypriot  group will be: 4 youngsters 18-25 years old plus one group leader over 18 years old ; recommended that participants have good english skills

Reimbursement for Cypriots:170 euro
Food and Accomodation: full covered

Applications until 25/01/2017

“BUILDING EUROPE” Nea Kallikratia, Greece 24-31.03.2017

Project’s summary
The entire project will be developed under the framework of non-formal education and within it we will use different facets such as games, treasure hunts , debates , tours , role plays , film workshops , exhibitions to achieve the objectives searched . All project’s activities will focus on underlining the importance of active
citizenship and understanding the multicultural variety of European Union.

About project’s location
Nea Kallikrateia is a municipal unit in Chalkidiki, Greece. It is located close to Thessaloniki’s airport .

Participant’s profile
Groups need to be gender balanced. Each participant should be aged between 18-30 Y.O , be active, optimistic, eager to participate and
interested in project’s topic. Participants need also to have at least basic knowledge of English

The Cypriot  group will be: 5 participants 18-30 years old plus one group leader over 18 years old

Reimbursement for Cypriots:170 euro
Food and Accomodation: full covered

Applications until 15/02/2017

Their homes are taken, their Future not- 24/4-1/5/17 Chios island-Greece

“Their homes are taken, their Future not”



Chios island-Greece

Project’s subject is the issue and existence of refugees in the E.U. Participants will be 38 young people aged from 18 to 30 years old from Turkey, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Cyprus, Spain. The team from each country will be consisted of 4 participants and one group leader and teams need to be gender balanced(4+1). Main goal of this project is to make participants aware of the existence of the great refugee issue. Activities and workshops will be held under non formal education prism with main aim the awareness of both refugees, their rights and European projects. For the chosen activities we were consulted by the UN refugee’s department of Greece (Unhcr). daily cultural nights will promote cultural exchanges while the meaning of European Union will be underlined. Young people will broaden their horizons, will meet European policy about refugee issues and will make clear all issues addressed to refugee topic. They will defeat and overcome their stereotypes and all together they will cooperate so that requests and needs of refugees can be widespread and louder spoken.


  • 5 Cypriots(4 people aged 18-30 plus a leader no age limit
  • 170 euro travel reimbursement each
  • accomodation and food: fully covered by the programme

Applications until 25/01/2017

Host organization:Horizons For Youth is a Youth organization located in Athens, Greece, funded in November of 2013. Their activities are mainly granted by Erasmus+ programme and they are highly active with working with Youth locally and internationally


“GROWING IDEAS”24-30/04/2017 Alozaina Malaga Spain


Applicant Organisation and Hosting Organisation: ARTE DE MIS MANOS – AL-ANDALUS S.L.L.
Course Dates: 24th-30th of April 2017
Project Venue: Casa de Acogida ‘Pepe Bravo’
Calle Sánchez Rivas, nº 36, CP: 29567 de Alozaina (Málaga)

Countries involved: Albania, Chipre, Italia, Croacia, Países Bajos, Polonia, República Checa, Rumanía,Turquía, Suecia y España.
Objectives of the project:
1) To develop creative thinking, soft skills, financial management, strategic planning of the ideas and
social entrepreneurship skills of youth workers and youth leaders.
2) To teach youth workers how to motivate young people in developing entrepreneurial paths.
3) To offer a basic training on how to develop, validate and implement social entrepreneurial projects.
4) To explore practical ways of supporting young people set up social enterprises, taking into
consideration legal, financial, management and social requirements.
5) To equip youth workers and leaders with tools and methods designed to develop entrepreneurial
skills among young people.
6) To develop new methods and tools of working on the topic of social entrepreneurship.
7) To provide participants with the opportunity to exchange experience and expertise in the field of
social entrepreneurship.
8) To inform the participants about opportunities to develop new projects under the Erasmus+
Programme, as well to support establishment of new partnerships

Profile of the participants:
This project has been created reflecting the needs a group of organisations working with young people,
which have been cooperating for some time now.
Lack of the some certain skills and knowledge like knowledge business sector, understanding financial risk
and management, having soft skills (communication, leadership, management, etc) stop them to act. At this
point NGOs can provide young people with the information and help on the topic of social entrepreneurship
and involve them into the issue. But there are not many organisations and youth workers who are
competitive enough in this field. The participants of the training course are youth workers and youth leaders
directly involved in work with young people, who can share their experience and want to develop new skills.
This training course will give to youth workers the possibility to understand the issue of social
entrepreneurship, to explore methods of working with youth on the topic of social entrepreneurship and
practical skills on running the social enterprise with their organisations (financial management, creativity,
soft skills, strategic planning of the ideas, etc.).
– 2 youth workers (pedagogists, volunteers, youth traineners, every person who uses formal and informal
educative methodologies and who knows the european reality and wants to share his/her experience with
others professionals)

Reimbursement for Cypriots:530 euro
Food and Accomodation: full covered

Applications until 18/01/2017


”Youth for inclusion, inclusion for youth” 18-26.04.2017 Nova Gradiška, Croatia

”Youth for inclusion, inclusion for youth” 18-26.04.2017                    Nova Gradiška, Croatia

The training course ”Youth for inclusion, inclusion for youth” (Y4II4Y) will address the topic of social inclusion.  The training course will be addressed to 21 youth workers, youth leaders and multipliers, and 4 members of training team, coming from Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Romania and Cyprus. It will be held in Nova Gradiška, Croatia from 18th until 26th of April 2017. (26th being the departure date)
The program will offer a creative learning space for the participants focusing on inclusion as a tool to prevent radicalization of youth.
Experiential learning methods and participatory approach will provide participants the competencies, skills and knowledge needed to address the topic of inclusion using an innovative approach. They will gain experience, knowledge and skills needed to design new methods in the inclusion methodology pool and empower themselves in order to contribute to their personal and professional development, thereby improving the quality of youth work.
The implementation of this project will result in higher level of awareness about the importance of social inclusion in the communities involved.

Working methods of this project are based on:

  • active participation in workshops, presentations, study visits
  • personal and group discussions
  • brainstorming and sessions for enhancing creativity
  • personal development activities and reflection sessions
  • team-building activities, energizers
  • intercultural dialogue and presentation
  • inclusion session
  • inventing and testing new methods
  • project management


  • 3 Cypriots no age limit
  • 275 euro travel reimbursement each
  • accomodation and food: fully covered by the programme

In the selection process the criteria that will be followed is that the participants are youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers or multipliers; that they come from deprived areas in geographical, social or economic term; that they are willing to learn something new and interested to be actively involved in each stage of this project. Beside this, another criteria that will be respected is that the participants are willing to design and implement follow up activities related to topics mentioned above, that they’re able to express themselves in English and able to attend full duration of this training course.

Applications until 25/01/2017

Hosting Organization
Association of the deaf and hard of hearing Nova Gradiška is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization. The objective of the Association is to gather people with hearing problems, and parents of children and youth who do not have, or have a limited ability to work, in order to achieve and promote the quality of life in the protection of their individual and collective interests.

“CLICK ON” 3-12/02/17 Kaunas, Lithuania

This project is about new dimension of active citizenship – online citizenship. It will highlight concept of digital citizenship, which helps young people, youth workers and multiplayers to understand what young people should know for using technology appropriately. Digital citizenship in this case is the norms of appropriate and responsible using of technology. Also, this project should highlight freedom of expression and human rights on internet. In fact, freedom of expression covers all forms of human expression, including the written word, visual images, video, music and etc. It is therefore particularly relevant to online activity: everything online is an “expression” and it is potentially covered by this right. Freedom of expression is essential to human dignity, and it also plays a key role in democratic society. Without freedom of expression, democracy cannot function and without democracy – human rights are almost unprotected. This project is organized to improve the level of key competence and skills of youth workers and also young people, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as to promote participation in democratic life and the labor market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, antidiscrimination, social inclusion and solidarity, through increased learning mobility opportunities for people, who are active in youth work or youth organizations from Programme and Partner countries.
• To promote responsible and active online networking at various levels on European citizenship and connect it the values of cultural diversity and social inclusion;
• To adopt tools and measures for fighting discrimination, hate speech and racism on Internet;
• To educate youth workers for development of digital competences of young people and the promotion of social responsibility among them;
• To practice democracy and participation of young people online;
• To promote and identify relevant measures for personal, social and professional security on the Internet among participants;
• To develop creativity and internet literacy of the participants;
• Develop visual tools to promote social responsibility on the Internet and online safety.
PARTICIPANTS(2 Cypriots – 360 euro travel reimbursement each)
Youth workers and active youth leaders, who have:
-curiosity and desire to learn skills about online citizenship;
-basic knowledge of IT;
-good level of English language;
-tolerance and openness to other cultures;
-owning a desire to expand the project results.

Full program here:Click ON_Programme_v01

Applications until 18/01/2017

“Theatre- infinite possibilities of inclusion” Bratislava, Slovakia 22-29/01/2017

PlanBe is looking for 2 Cypriots no age limit to participate in the Erasmus+ Training Course :“Theatre- infinite possibilities of inclusion” that will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia on 22/01/2017-29/01/2017

Application form: http://goo.gl/forms/xOYrc0bz5H

Who are we looking for?   
 Professionals or volunteers engaged in the youth work, especially those, who work with youth in exclusion, youth workers who are working with socially excluded youngsters, including young people dropped out of school, orphans and young people coming from re-education and youth from unprivileged families.

Which are the objectives for the training?

This project aims: to share good practises of youth integration into society built on creativity and theatrical principles, deliver to youth workers effective and easily applicable tools coming from theatrical methods, increase competences of social workers who work with youngsters in the process of integration, to have preventive impact and reduce burnout syndrome.

What are the costs of the training?
All the costs are covered by Erasmus+ (travel, accommodation, food) and there are no additional fees.

Working language?

When and where?
January, 22nd, 2017/ arrival day
January, 29th, 2017/ departure day
Bratislava, Slovakia

How much of your travel costs can we reimburse by Erasmus+?

Cyprus 275€/ participant
Host Organization:
Theatre With No Home (Divadlo bez domova o.z.) 
The main mission of the organization is to work with marginalized communities of citizens in a non-traditional artistic form using the means of theater, performing arts, dancing or singing. Divadlo bez domova (Theater With No Home; herein after also referred to as DBD) provides a platform for presenting social topics which are being overlooked in the commercial artistic sphere.