Dance your Culture


Dance your Culture
4th until 14th of May 2017
Kannavia village-Nicosia District -Cyprus

Intercultural understanding is important when we talk about Europe. By learning old traditions and cultures we become more aware of our own identity and the one we share with other (European) countries. This youth exchange explores the traditional

dances of five European countries and gives the opportunity to
young people with no or little dance experience to get to know more about dances and eventually about Europe. We focus on folklore dances since we come from countries that still have living dance traditions, and we believe we have a lot to share with, and receive from, all partner countries. Dancing in this case is used as the main form of communication, and contributes to effective interaction and eliminating language barriers. This project focuses also on developing digital competences with the creation of a short documentary film reflecting on how the young people experience culture and the folklore dances. In particular workshops will be dedicated in amateur video, image and sound editing using open source software. This project aims also to involve youth with fewer opportunities mainly with social, financial and geographical obstacles.
The project involved 30 young participants from Cyprus, Bulgaria Italy, Hungary and Norway and is primarily oriented to people interested in traditional arts habits and intercultural understanding. The participants will share knowledge of folklore dances of their home countries via non-formal education; we will not learn it, we will dance it! Workshops from experts will aim to develop digital competences by learning the basics for video editing. Project activities will further focus on enhancing creativity of participants and team building through a variety of games, role-plays, group discussions, and everyday reflective sessions. To encourage intercultural dialogue and bonding we will organize cultural evenings and spend time together learning the basics from each other’s music, dance, and language. We will further organize a dance festival to disseminate results to the local community. Making use of the social media, we will maintain a platform of shared practices for facilitating the distribution of information in our home countries and encourage future collaborations.

Objectives of the project:
 Provide theoretical and practical knowledge of folklore dances
 Increase cultural awareness and expression: With the emphasis on traditional dances from all participating countries, participants become more aware of their own culture and the cultures surrounding them.
 Develop/improve digital competences: With workshops on video, photo, sound editing participants will learn how to use relevant open source programs and apply their knowledge for creating a short documentary film related to the topic of the project.
 Communication in foreign languages: During the cultural evenings and throughout the exchange participants will be exposed to and encouraged to learn at least some basics of each other’s language.
 Establish European friendships and network amongst participants
 Improve cross-cultural understanding and European identity
 Inclusion of people with fewer opportunities

Dates and Venue
“Dance your Culture” will take place in Cyprus, between Thursday 4th and Sunday 14th of May 2017 (travelling days are included).

Participants Profile
The participants that will be involved in this project are young people with interest in career developing and increasing their competitiveness in the labour market through the development of skills and competences.
6 participants per country (Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy and Norway) will join us: 5 young people aged 20-30 + 1 group leader no age limit

Travelling cost:
According to Erasmus+ distance calculator, the max travelling costs that will be reimbursed are:
Hungary 170€
Italy 270€
Bulgaria 170€
Norway 400€