Islands4Future – Postponed

12 Months

Nicosia, Cyprus

Long Term ESC



“Islands4Future” is a project that aims to enhance the cooperation between the EU islands and to build a genuine forum that can provide them with the opportunity to exchange ideas, raise awareness of their potential for innovation and face challenges in a joint manner.

Volunteers will be involved in a wide range of activities intended to form local communities to bring together in a “European Island Network”.  The main topics addressed by this project are: environment and territorial cooperation, social inclusion, community development and skills development. EKOGreece is the Sending and Coordinating  organization, which will send one Greek volunteers in Cyprus. The Hosting Organization is “PlanBe, Plan it Be it” NGO, located in Kokkinotremithia in the beautiful Nicosia district. This will be a unique opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and discover new places, make new friends, develop your skills and learn about territorial cooperation & cohesion and community development!


The Host Organization

“Plan Be, Plan It Be It” NGO is a Non-Profit Organization established on March, 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus, whose
mission is to develop and support the use of non-formal education, to foster entrepreneurship, to boost creativity, to
support environmental consciousness, to foster democracy and human rights and to develop solidarity and tolerance
among youngsters, among cultures and among generations.  The organization’s main focus is to promote the cultural
heritage of Cyprus and bring youngsters closer to their tradition, to traditional jobs and the agriculture of our island, and to narrow down the generational gap between the older and the younger generations. Therefore, we mainly design and run workshops and projects related to our cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, and how young people can gain new skills through our traditions and culture but also how youngsters can help in the preservation of these traditions and their transfer to younger generations.

Main activities

– Organization of “Innovative & Sustainable Island” Workshops; Monitoring of environmental and social sustainability initiatives in the local island community and organization of novel initiatives
– “The ABC of Project Management”; Getting involved in all phases of NGO project management cycle (from design and proposal writing to implementation and follow up). In other words, you will help in the implementation of some of the already running projects (, but also use your ideas to develop new Erasmus+ projects
– Taking part in/helping to organize local community projects with other ESN Long-Term Volunteers who finished their activity in November/December, support local organizations and NGOs for charity activities,
– Taking part in environmental and social working actions (planting trees, cleaning beaches, help the elderly nursing homes, help in schools, charities and more)
– Develop a joint project proposal with the Volunteers in the other islands (Madeira and Sardinia), who will participate in the same project, on smart solutions to common challenges
– Help in the creation of a “European Islands Network” to promote innovative solutions to island-specific challenges
– Meetings and dialogue with Stakeholders (local NGO and volunteers’ community, youth-led organizations, local authorities etc) about the creation of sustainable change in islands


Volunteers PROFILE

 18 to 30 years old
 Residence in Greece
 New to the ESC (formerly EVS) program (No prior participation in an ESC or EVS program)
 A good command of English, for efficient working use
 Interest in the activities of the project & strong motivation and commitment for active contribution to the hosting organization and to making a positive impact to the local community
 Team-player, and with heightened sense of initiative and responsibility to suggest, plan and develop activities
 Creativity and inventiveness as the activities include arts & crafts and photography

 Personal values of respect to diversity and cultural differences, open-
minded and flexible (adapt to changes and new environments)

 Particular attention is given to people with fewer opportunities and
specific youths with economic and geographical obstacles.

How To Apply

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