The Re-Imaginers | Short Term

Volunteering Team Re-Imaginers | September 2019



12 volunteers (4 participants from each organisation) will join our organisation for a short term ESC project that will focus on the practical implementation of all of the workshops and materials the long term volunteers have designed and prepared and the short term volunteers will implement all of the materials along with hands on up-cycling ideas in order to help the rural areas they will be volunteering in to become more sustainable.

More specifically the volunteers will:

– Support the local communities in rural areas to be more sustainable through up-cycling

– Develop entrepreneurship activities customised to the needs of the communities and of the youngsters that live in rural areas

– Help the community to develop ways of being sustainable and to be more adaptable to change and crises in terms of waste management and up-cycling

– Support and promote the idea of reuse and up-cycling in the community especially among the young people bring in new ideas on how to develop entrepreneurial ideas through up-cycling to support the youngsters leaving in rural areas and out of employment, education and training NEET.


Country of Sending Organisation

Italy Associazione Agrado – 360 Euro Travel Reimbursement

Portugal Associação Check-In – 530 Euro Travel Reimbursement 

Portugal Teatro Metaphora – 820 Euro Travel Reimbursement 


APV – The Re-Imaginers | 14.06 – 17.06.2019




APV, Advanced planning visit The project expects that there will be a need for planning visits for all of our volunteers.  2 participants from each country will come to the hosting country, that is Cyprus, for a meeting where activities, places, methodologies and logistics of the project and of the following activities will be discussed. Because our participants are young people with fewer opportunities, it means that most of them for various reasons have the need to feel extra secure about their ESC . The need for extra support and accompany could be due to reasons of social, physical, economic, psychological, health related or geographical issues. Some of them have not had the opportunity to go abroad before and/or not at least on their own. We want to be able to support our youth by preparing both him/she and the hosting organisation for an ESC as meaningful as possible. Therefore will contact person/ mentor travel together with the participant to the hosting organisation


Italy | Associazione Agrado –   360 Euro Travel Reimbursement

Portugal | Associação Check-In – 530 Euro Travel Reimbursement

Portugal | Teatro Metaphora – 820 Euro Travel Reimbursement


How to Apply:

Interested participants  can apply by sending  CV and Motivation Letter at