Volunteers On Tour | Short Term

Short Term Project 

08th – 28th of October 2019 



15 volunteers will be hosted from 8.10 – 28.10. 2019 months in Cyprus
This project brings together European participants with different backgrounds, as well as young people with fewer opportunities (economical, geographical, social cultural obstacles) and through team building, personal development, and active citizenship activities it increases cultural awareness and understanding.

The project also involves interaction with the eldest of the community and hence contributes to bridging the intergeneration gap. For example, the elder of the community will be invited to demonstrate traditional professions and recipes related to local products.
Moreover this is a ESC project that emphasises our cultural and our European identity and promotes European citizenship and friendships. Hands-on activities such as tree planting and fruits harvesting. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the traditional way of harvesting and go through by doing, the whole process for the production of agricultural products. Participants will be divided into groups that will be in charge to assist one local farmer. Upon guidance they will set the nets, harvest the fruits without hurting the tree.


These hands-on workshops promote team-working, communication, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills and are a great way to include people with cultural differences that will connect with each other by doing and learning.


Country of Sending Organisation 

  • Italy 275  Euro Travel Reimbursement
  • Poland 360  Euro Travel Reimbursement
  • Portugal 820  Euro Travel Reimbursement
  • Romania 275  Euro Travel Reimbursement
  • Greece 275  Euro Travel Reimbursement


How to Apply:

Interested participants  can apply by sending  CV and Motivation Letter at solidarity.planbe@gmail.com

Age Limit : 18-30 Years Olds