Volunteers On Tour | Short Term

Short Term Project

08th – 28th of October 2019 

Kannavia Village, Cyprus



Project Description

15 volunteers will be hosted. This project brings together European participants with different backgrounds, as well as young people with fewer opportunities and through team building, personal development, and active citizenship activities it increases cultural awareness and understanding. The project also involves interaction with the eldest of the community and hence contributes to bridging the intergeneration gap. ESC project emphasizes our cultural and our EU identity and promotes European citizenship and friendships. Hands-on activities such as tree planting and fruits harvesting. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the traditional way of harvesting and go through by doing, the whole process for the production of agricultural products. These hands-on workshops promote team-working, communication, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills.

Accommodation and Transportation

The project will take place at a small bungalow village in Kannavia. Participants will be divided into groups of 4 or 6 people and each group will be assigned to an individual house with its own toilet and shower. If any of the participants want to launder anything there will be a single washing machine. Food is also covered. Travelling: Arrival Day 7/10/2019,-Departure day 29/10/2019, Participants are allowed to travel 1-2 days before the arrival day or 1-2 days after the departure day.


Training During The Project

Our activities will be based on hands-on workshops about tree planting, harvesting, entrepreneurial study visits, workshops with local practitioners (young and elder) and presentations of different practices amongst the participating countries. Project activities will further focus on enhancing creativity and personal development of participants through a variety of games, role-plays, team-building activities, group discussions, brainstorming, and everyday reflective sessions.


Volunteers Profile

Participants involved in this project must have a strong interest in agriculture, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This project involves the participation of people facing (or will to face) unemployment. Young people with fewer opportunities, facing economical, geographical, social obstacles, refugees, immigrants or asylum seekers will be involved. Age Limit: 20-29 years old


How to Apply:

Interested participants  can apply by filling out this form : Application Form

For any questions solidarity.planbe@gmail.com