Be Ambassador of your Culture

October 2019 – September 2020

Rezekne city, Latvia

Long Term ESC




Project Description

Each project’s participant will take part in different activities of Culture House of Rezekne National Societies and Theatre – studio “JORIK” (concerts, theatre performances, rehearsals, festivals and other projects), as well each of you will organize and carry out activities that represent the country you come from. During the project you will have task to make your culture meetings (lessons) that will include language lessons, introduction to culture, traditions, music, movies, food and other special features of your country. Also there are planned some activities for children – performances in
Kindergartens with stories, songs and games from your countries. (See in project description) Don’t be afraid from all activities I have mentioned, each of you will receive support from your mentor and theatre producers. We have creative, interesting people here, so everything going to be alright! Of course you will have free time so you can get to know our county, meet other volunteers from other organizations and Erasmus students, have time for yourself and your hobbies. You will also take part in journeys to festivals and concerts depends on where our collectives will participate.

Information about the Hosting Organisation
Culture House of National Societies of Rezekne was established in April, 2004 to preserve, integrate and develop culture of different nationalities that live in Rezekne, promote the consolidation of the community, introduce the community with the peculiarities and values of the national cultures and organise the spare time of city-dwellers. There exists children and youth studio of theatrical art. Young actors participate in different festivals and concerts, where they represent their ethnic group.

– To complement the activities of Rezekne NBKN for the local community provided by volunteers for 3 generations – children, young people and elders – with topics – active participation, useful time spending, ecological problems, non-formal education, informal language learning, culture acceptance, solidarity, active aging of seniors;
– Developing skills and competences for both volunteers and the target audience through non-formal learning methods;
– To provide volunteers – who are without work experience or being unemployed, with economic and social barriers, and experiencing a personal crisis – with the opportunity to learn, develop and gain the  necessary experience;
– To define personal goals for the volunteers during the project with the help of the mentor and acquire diverse competences;
– Widespread publicity of the project inside and outside the city, introducing, as far as possible, broader sections of society with the stages of project implementation;


Volunteering activities consist of various activities that are relevant to the audience of 3 generations – children, youth and seniors. The essence of our individual volunteering activity is to enable volunteers and NBKN participants to get to know each other new culture, to gain new social and life skills, to motivate local people to be active citizens, to increase the influence of volunteering in the region and to encourage and share the cultural heritage with the local community, to reducing the possibility of xenophobia, stereotypes and discrimination, marginalization and radicalism, instead developing solidarity between different cultures. All activities correspond to the set goals. And their impact matches long-term goals.

– “Welcome the project” – volunteers introduce Latvian symbolism, national and cultural values, anthem, coat of arms;
– 3 events where the local audience will be introduced to the symbols of each volunteer homeland, national and cultural values, festive traditions.
– Cinema Club – each volunteer will organize 3 cinema club meetings where will introduce local youth and middle-aged city people to the best movies of their countries, the most famous actors, directors, etc.
– National cuisine workshops each volunteer will lead 3 culinary workshops;
– Native Language and English Clubs – will help volunteers understand their language, will help young people and seniors with language learning. Especially for those young people who find it difficult to understand formal language classes at school (especially English and German).
– Making and performing in a theatre performance for and with children;
– Eco club – various activities for children using natural materials, using waste, creating performances, with the idea of reducing household waste (as it is accepted in their country or as a volunteer would like it to happen); – Hiking with young people, where through non-formal methods youngsters will be introduced with volunteering, compassion and equality, possibilities of European Solidarity Corps;
– Trips to schools in Rezekne and Rezekne region, telling about volunteering, sharing volunteers’ experiences in Rezekne and telling about opportunities within the European Solidarity Corps.
– Volunteers’ Initiative, or additional activities, the idea of which is realized during the project. Planned project activities have a positive impact on people, especially children / young people and seniors, they help socialize in society, break stereotypes, improve quality of life, improve mood.


More Info

Pocket money (1 person): 4 eur per day
Food money (1 person): 150 Eur (you will need to save all receipts of each month for 150 Euros food only)
Accommodation: You will live in flat with 3 rooms, kitchen and bathroom and it will be paid from project money automatically. Flat will be supported with all necessary things – washing machine, bed linen, beds, kitchen utensils, WiFi
Travel money: Travel money project can provide (both sides) based on Distance calculator for ERASMUS+ program



Age Limit: 18-30 years old

If you are interested to take part in the project, Follow the Link Below for the Application From

The selection will close as soon as we find motivated candidates.

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