Inclusion For All

04th October – 04th of February

Tortosa, Spain

Long Term ESC




Who we are?
obre’t’ebre ( is the coordinating organisation for 5 different projects for European Solidary Corps in Tortosa and Roquetes under the umbrella of “Inclusion for  all”. The projects are: Càritas, Punt Jove,La Segona Volta , obre’t’ebre and Xirinxina+Library.

Obre’t’ebre aims are:
To promote social integration, equality and solidarity between young people through social, artistic, environmental, cultural, of community-based integration and/or sporting projects, at local, national or international level

• To encourage participation of Ebro regions’ young people with the main objectives of promoting tolerance, intercultural and social awareness.
• To educate citizens to be socially active and aware of social needs.
• To dynamize rural areas.

This position is for young people who wants to work with young people and organizing events. It’s really important to have initiave.

Where does the project take place?
Terres de l’Ebre (Ebro regions) is a rural area, including the comarcas of BaixEbre, TerraAlta, Montsià and Ribera d’Ebre and is sometimes named “the fifth Province”, as it has many public facilities dedicated to this region and is quite far from Tarragona, it’s provincial capital. One of the main economic activity in the region is agriculture, together with the
public service sector and industry. Thus, it is mainly a rural area.

Tortosa is the capital of the comarca of Baix Ebre and lies in the south of Catalonia, Spain.The Baix Ebre region is a veritable mosaic of contrasts. It can be divided up into two very different areas: the Ebro Delta Natural Park, biosphere Reserve. One of the largest wetland areas 320 square kilometers (79,000 acres) in the western Mediterranean region,
and secondly there is Els Ports Massif (with Mont Caro peak reaching a height of 1,447m), along with the southern rock faces of the Cardó mountain range. We have unique landscapes to enjoy the nature.  Tortosa is about 1 hour and 30 minutes far from Tarragona (69km) and 2’5 hours from Barcelona (180km), by train or bus. There is bus and train service available. As public transport service between villages of this rural area is sparse, most people use private

Which are the tasks of the volunteer in Punt Jove (Ajuntament de Tortosa)?
The main aim of Punt Jove is informing and helping young people so that they can choose the best options for their present and their future. It wants to create equal opportunities Each year there are more youngsters that use its services what made the program grow. The teamwork from Youth Department is consists of two workers. There are a lot of
different activities:

-Information and help with non formal education topics
-Information and help with topics such as job research, youth tourism, youth renting, European programs, etc.
-Sale of the Youth hostel Card and International Students Card.
-A place for searching information
-Training and Workshops (visits, talks)
-Cultural activities
-Monthly newsletters to inform young people.

-Internet service: four computers with Wifi connection.
-An information board where young people can offer their services, selling, renting offers and share everything that they believe necessary.
-Maintenance of the website of Punt Jove.

Also Punt Jove organizes projects and activities:
-Activities for young people in the nature (walking, espeleology, kayac and ciclying).
-Workshops in informal educational topics during the whole year aimed at youngsters.
-The “Fira de la Solidaridad”, an event with seventeen entities and associations of the territory participating, establishing activities such as storytelling to children, show puppets and live concerts. – Conference of the participating organizations, debate on the role of NGO’s and the voluntarism in our society, etc.
-Future project: “Transformem un raconet” The youngsters from different organizations and schools will paint and transform benches around the city.
– Erasmus +: Help with the organization of a Youth Exchange, contact international organizations and encourage the youngster to be part of it.
– Preparation of summer activities “Estiu Jove i Alternatiu” that it will take place during July and August.
– Youth point “Lo Carrilet”. New space that lies in the heart of Tortosa, in a XIX century’s train station and where in the afternoon it will be offered activities such as role games, artistic and music activities, conversations in other language, tennis table, and many more!

Where does the volunteer live and which are the food conditions?
The volunteer will share flat with other two more volunteers. Pocket money and food money (according to the amount stablished by ESC program) will be given to the volunteer at the end of each months.

How are the language lesson organized?

Obre’t’ebre will offer Catalan lessons to the volunteers. Obre’t’ebre will also provide the volunteers linguistic partners to practice the language.

Requirements of the volunteer:
• Speak basic Spanish language at first. It’s very important a basic knowledge to communicate with the workers and young people.
• Like to live in a quiet area (Tortosa is not Barcelona 😉)
• Like to learn Catalan language (this is our main language and the language the volunteer will learn in the lessons).
• Like to work with young people and organizing events.
• Creative, independent, friendly and open minded.

The main purpose of the volunteers will be the attention to young people. They will give their support in the actions and planned projects for young people in the field of education of the values of coexistence, tolerance and solidarity. The volunteers will offer their support and help in various activities required, but they may also develop their capacity of initiative in the projects that they may develop. On the other hand, according to the demand of young people in the Youth Point, they could launch a project with the help of the youth worker, in order to promote the integration of young immigrants.

If you are coming from one of the 27 European member countries and you like this project, then do not hesitate and send e-mail with your motivation letter, CV and portfolio with the phrase “Punt Jove_ESC” in the e-mail header box to