Integration for All (Positions Fulfilled)

1st of February – 1st of September (7 Months)

Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain

Long-Term EVS




Description of the Project 

Cáritas Interparroquial de Tortosa is a non-lucrative, humanitarian and charity organization from the Catholic Church. Cáritas Interparroquial has 7 workers and more than 100 volunteers that work in different programs of Cáritas.

Cáritas fights against poverty, exclusions, lack of tolerance and discrimination. Helps people with less resources to participate in the issues that concern their own lives, but also to be the word at national and international forums. Also, people with risk of exclusion are helped by giving them shelter for some days, food and resources in case they have problems with the health.

In Cáritas there are different programs and projects being the center of them the people and their needs. The hosting project where Caritas offers help and accompaniment so the person can get out of his situation. Also, Caritas offers help with food services (social dining room and month delivery food) and also help to provide cloths in the shop. In addition to this, Cáritas cooperates with others organizations in some specific programs for elderly people, for the children and also for woman (Clara Project).  The organization also counts on a program for homeless people.

Cáritas Interparroquial de Tortosa has 7 years experience with the hosting of EVS, and also two years experience hosting young people in workcamps. Caritas has a wide program of volunteering where the 95% of people are volunteers. European Volunteers will work in the same projects as others local volunteers and they will join the same trainings as local volunteers. Caritas has one person responsible for volunteering and also a supervisor of the projects.


Caritas has one social worker and three volunteers that manage with the clothes shop. There is also a wide team that helps in the different projects. The volunteers are a varied and multidisciplinary team. There are retired people but also young people helping in some of the services. During some months in the year there are different students doing their internships.

During the year volunteers attempt to the different project to improve the quality of volunteering assistance and also to incorporate different techniques and methods to their daily tasks.

On the other side, Cáritas Interparroquial counts on a psychologist that serves all the people that have a need.


Which are the tasks of the volunteer in Caritas?

-Attending the people when they come for the “Acogidas days”. Volunteers need to give hours to people.

-Clothes shop: help in the shop. Arrange the cloths, assist the people that comes, organize the shop.

-Social dining room: help in the kitchen, serve the food, organize the dining room and talk to the users.

-Distribute food twice a month during two mornings for people with low incomes.

-Assist in CLARA project as observer and help the psychologist to prepare activities.

-Assist in Valentina project:  people from the dining room take part in the project and each week they organize an activity with the aim of encouraging, meeting, discussing themes of interest of the participants, enjoying, etc. It’s a place to get to know oneself better but also people in the dining room.

-Distribute food to temporary workers: twice a week food for temporary workers is offered.

– During the project Cáritas can work with projects that they are not planned at the begging of the year and where the volunteer can participate.


Food and Accommodation

The volunteer will receive food allowance of 130€ per month.
The accommodation is in the city of Tortosa. Facilities are shared with other volunteers participating in the project. Each volunteer has a separate or shared room. But he/she might share it with another volunteer. It depends on the time and the volunteers. The kitchen and the bathrooms are common in the flat.

Pocket Money

The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance or pocket money of 105€ at the end of each month.

Working hours & time off

The working hours are maximum 35 hours per week. Working during the weekends and in the evenings is a possibility

The volunteer will receive 2 days off per month.


For those interested, they need to sent their CV and Motivation Letter at: