Social Y.Art: Inclusion for Youth through the art of theater

7th until 17th of June 2018

Kannavia village, Nicosia District, Cyprus

Youth Exchange

Project Summary

“Social Y.Art – Inclusion for Youth through the art of theatre” its a project which bring together 37 participants from 6 countries Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Poland and Cyprus.

The youth exchange ”Social Y.Art” will address the topics of social inclusion and anti- discrimination through the art of Theatre. This being the main theme of our project reflects the needs of multiple European societies since all of them, due to different reasons, face social exclusion. It will aim to develop among participants active expression of civic participation which will strengthen common European values such as solidarity, openness, understanding and liberty for combating poverty and marginalization through and in volunteering.

”Social Y.Art” will be held in Nicosia district, Cyprus from 15th until 25th of October 2018. Through using non formal learning methods such as workshops, discussions, role plays, campaigns, simulation games and forum theatre it will provide to participants the competencies, skills and knowledge about poverty, marginalization, sustainable peace, human rights, anti discrimination policies and social cohesion in order for them to take actions as multipliers for greater social and community involvement in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme.

Objectives of the Project

  • To raise awareness on human rights, bulling, social exclusion, refugees issue

  • To enchase creativity and innovation spirit among participants

  • To increase the confidence and self esteem of 37 youngsters from 6 countries

  • To develop the communication skills, foreign language use and public speaking for 37 participants

  • To increase the cooperation between 6 NGO’s coming from 6 countries

  • To teach 37participants to use theater as a method to activate the other youngsters from their local community

  • To develop the skills of working with youngsters coming from Rural areas for 7 youth workers from 7 different NGO’s

  • To make the 37 participants know more about Youthpass certificate and learn to use it in their learning process and to get a job

With this project we want to offer the opportunity for 37 youngsters to develop a theater performance , be more aware on human rights, social inclusion and anti- discrimination.


  • PlanBe, Plan it Be it ( Cyprus)

  • Teatro Metaphora – Associacao De Amigos Das Artes (Portugal)

  • Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych (Poland)

  • Asociatia Nevo Parudimos (Romania)

  • Identities (Italy)

  • Kauno Miesto Kamerinis Teatras (Lithuania)