Trade Olive

16th – 25th November 2018

Youth Exchange

Kannavia Village, Cyprus



“From TRADition to Employment: olive products” with the acronym “Trade Olive” is a youth exchange happening in Cyprus, in Nicosia district on 16/11/2018 until 25/11/2018 (arrival day 15/11/18 departure day 26/11/18). The project involves 42 young participants from Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy and is primarily oriented to youth in risk of unemployment or with certain geographical or economic obstacles. It will be particularly promoted to young people in rural areas as well as young people willing to explore the entrepreneurial path through tradition and agriculture.

“Trade Olive” is addressing the unemployment issue and traditional agricultural professions related to olive that are not held by young people that much. Professions relating to olive are amongst the infamous professions that today tend to extinct. However, we believe that these professions can be creatively turned into the basis of an entrepreneurship that can stand out in the competitive labor market, while at the same time preserve one’s culture, heritage and tradition.


Aim of the Project

The aim of this project is to make a real difference to young participants seeking employment and raise awareness of alternative agricultural employment options that can benefit not only the individuals, but also, the communities they live in. Employment, although tackled at personal level, is a key factor for promoting active citizenship, social inclusion and cross-cultural understanding at local and EU level. The knowledge the participants will gain, the skills they will learn, the contacts they will make, and the personal decisions they will take, is a crucial base from where the change can happen.



  • Acquire knowledge about olives and olive oil-related traditions and professions of the participating countries
  • Acquire information from discussions with people/professionals still practicing these traditions
  • Expand knowledge on agriculture and home made products
  • Foster entrepreneurship and creativity in turning olive oil traditions to modern ways of employment
  • To promote social inclusion and include in our group asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants
  • Promote active citizenship by helping the local communities as a way to fight unemployment



  • PlanBe, Plan it, Be it (Cyprus)
  • Sdruzhenie Alternativi Internationa (Bulgaria)
  • Identities (Italy)
  • Asociatia Tinerilor Cu Initiatina Civica (Romania)
  • Agrupación Europea de Cooperación Territorial Duero-Douro (Spain)
  • Associacao Backup (Portugal)
  • G.Georgiadis, D.Vachtanidis, E. Baroso Kyriakidou, Non Profit (Greece)

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