Career in Action III


04-14 of March

Kannavia Village Cyprus

Youth Exchange


‘Career in action lll’ is a project that took place in Kannavia village, in Cyprus from 4 to 14 of March 2022. Participants from Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Italy, Poland and Cyprus came together for their personal and professional development. The project aspired to acquaint youngsters with current professions and, discuss experiences and methods both nationally and regionally. Through those discussions, they had the opportunity to observe the individual professions offered, and the programme assisted them in understanding their value, as well as developing associated skills through non-formal education.


Among others, participants engaged in the oxford debate workshop, C.V. and interview skills-building workshops. They have also acquired skills on how to make a public presentation and practised public appearance through that. Besides, they have exchanged good and bad practices of their countries related to the topic’s context. Some of the project’s objectives were as follows:


  • Enhancement of skills to young people with fewer opportunities, facing economical, geographical, social obstacles, refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants to learn how to search for their career path, chase their dream and improve their employability skills.
  • Raise awareness on tools that can be used for personal promotion
  • Share knowledge and experiences on job interviews, CV and cover letter preparation
  • Promote efficient career plan and career goal setting
  • Promote common European values, foster social integration, enhance intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to the community and prevent violent radicalisation