Entrepreneurship On Your Way

Entrepreneurship on your wayAn Erasmus+ mobility for youth workers project “Entrepreneurship on your way” took place in Nicosia,Cyprus on 18-24 of April 2016. 30 participants joined the project coming from Estonia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania and Cyprus.logoentrepreneurshipfinal

The main aim of the project was to introduce youth entrepreneurship as a tool of fighting youth unemployment and empower youngsters to start their creative search entrepreneurial opportunities. During the training people who work directly with young people (who are either current of future job-seekers) and current job-seekers learned how to to introduce the idea of entrepreneurship to young people, how to motivate them to be pro-active and how to support them during the process of applying entrepreneurial approach into career development.

During the training course participants became familiar with unemployment issues in different countries, concept of entrepreneurial attitude, social responsibility of companies and other important points that are connected with youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. The project goal : to make impact on a bigger level and start empowering and motivating young people all-over Europe to become master’s of own faith and also potential socially responsible employers for peers.

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