Its in your D.N.A

poster4d.n.a2logoIt’s in your D.N.A.(Development Needs Actions)”( project code:2015-2-CY02-KA105-000538) was an Erasmus+ youth exchange that will held in Nicosia district of Cyprus in 4-13 of March 2016 . The project gathered participants aged 18-30, mainly with fewer opportunities and especially with financial, geographical and social obstacles, coming from 6 different European countries: Cyprus, Croatia,Italy,Slovenia,Poland and Romania.
During this youth exchange the participants worked on employability skills, developing and improving their communication, self-management, project planning, video making and personal skills.

Main objective of this youth exchange was to give the participants the knowledge and skills needed these days in the environment of increased youth unemployment. Non-formal learning methods, such as: workshops, public speaking practice, simulation game and many others were used in order to reach the objectives of the project.
This youth exchange had a positive impact on personal and social development of the participants: they gained and improved skills that are important for young people living in the enlarged Europe like intercultural competence, ability to work in international team, language skills. This project helped participants to raise self-confidence when being in unusual situations and also increased their interest about other countries and cultures.

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