One Last Chance: Eris Apple for Conflict Resolution

28th February-05th March 2019

Nicosia District

Training Course


‘One Last Chance: Eris Apple for Conflict Resolution’ is a mobility for youth workers focused on the topic of conflict management. This mobility has been tested before in 2016 (Portugal) and 2017 (Poland and Norway) with excellent results therefore motivating us to reinforce the methodologies that aim to tackle the increasing tensions and signs of intolerance spreading in Europe. We choose Cyprus and Nicosia for reasons connected to it being the only divided and occupied city in Europe, furthermore being a capital, where the main issues of this project fit in a imperative way. This project training course aims to equip youth workers with tools, methods, approaches, mind-sets and raised awareness to different perspectives of conflict and how to transform it fostering empathy and tolerance. One key aspect of this project is the post-project effects that create multiplier events motivated by a strong spirit of entrepreneurship and activism, needed in many communities and local regions where only the youth worker can intervene.


The project  gathered 11 partners and a total of 26 participants for 6 working days  in Cyprus capital, Nicosia. The participants were youth workers, educators and volunteers directly involved with active intervention in the field, in their local organizations and with direct access to target-group environment. Participating countries: Cyprus, Portugal, Norway, Italy, France, Turkey, Jordan, Spain, Austria, Poland and Ukraine.



Participants had the chance to expand their knowledge using non formal education on conflict, conflict management, prejudice and migration issues. They had the opportunity to improve youth work quality and enhance the role of youth workers and NGOs as social facilitators spreading European values and a culture of peace. Nevertheless the competence they developed along with their skills  directly linked to positive conflict management like empathy and remembrance. Forum theatre was used in enchasing the participants’ attitude in transforming conflict situations into reflection and learning opportunities. This Training opportunity was a great example for promoting recognition of the educational value of NFE activities for building a more aware and understanding Europe.



  • Ha Moment CRL – Portugal
  • Narviksenteret – Norway
  • Support –  Austria
  • Asociacion Cultural y Social Trib-Arte  – Spain
  • I Dare for Sustainable Development – Jordan
  • Hors Pistes – France
  • Genclik ve Degisim Dernegi  – Turkey
  • Janelas – Italy
  • Logos – Poland
  • Logos – Ukraine