Social Entrepreneurship : The New Era

18th-27th of October

Youth Exchange

Pedoulas Village, Nicosia District Cyprus



The Youth Exchange took a place in a rural are of Cyprus, in Pedoulas Village during 18th-27th of October 2021.  Participants from Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Portugal, and Poland got the opportunity to meet each other in the island and have an exchange of good practices, ideas and knowledge on SOcial entrepreneurship. They also got informaiton on Also, find efficient ways of beating unemployment that is applied in various countries and see how entrepreneurship can be working towards positive changes in the broader EU society. This project was also related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The goals are interconnected, they apply to all countries and they aim to leave no one behind. Apart from that participants learn how to become more active on their communities by getting information and a workshop from the 25% percent project by the European Youth Forum. They acquired skills on how they can get their ideas together and create concrete actions that can help them tackle social problems on their communities. Some of the objectives of the project that were achieved were as follows.

– Raised the awareness of youth social entrepreneurship as a career option; 

– Introduce the notions of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship;

– Raised the role of creativity that drives innovation in entrepreneurship;

– Introduce tools of promoting entrepreneurial attitude among youngsters;

– Raised motivation of youngsters to develop social entrepreneurial attitude in order to get involved in social entrepreneurship;

– Promoted socially responsible entrepreneurship;

– Got an overview of entrepreneurship opportunities in different European countries;

– Introduced Erasmus+ Program as a possible tool for developing social entrepreneurial attitude and skills.


Participants worked with non formal education methods and they raised awareness about environmental consciousness and society problems with anentrepreneurial approach. Together with the partner organizations we aim to organize follow-up projects that investigate explicitly this project. Through our online platform between all participants of this project we aim to maintain continuous contact and exchange of information beyond the end date of the project activity.