Belonging to Nature: the Heart of Wellbeing

Belonging to Nature: the Heart of Wellbeing


Introducing Our Project

Discover our exciting initiative that aims to foster the well-being of young people by connecting them with nature. In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we are embarking on a journey to empower youth workers and organizations to create meaningful experiences that promote holistic well-being through nature.

In today’s fast-paced world, where the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental degradation impact young people significantly, addressing their mental, physical, and emotional health is paramount. Our project recognizes the vital role of nature in enhancing well-being, and we are dedicated to equipping youth workers with the knowledge, tools, and methodologies needed to support young people in this regard.

Through our project, we have developed a comprehensive framework and practical manual that serve as invaluable resources for youth workers. These resources encapsulate our expertise and provide a wealth of tools and activities to engage young people in exploring well-being through their connection with nature.

To ensure widespread access and dissemination, we have created a dedicated project website!!! Here, you can explore our project outcomes, our theoretical framework, a manual of activities, moments from our training courses, captivating photos from our activities, and other creative media that exemplify the transformative power of our project.

Furthermore, our project has received recognition and support from esteemed organizations like Eurodesk and the Anna Lidn Foundation. We have shared our project on their platforms, expanding our reach and impact.

A key highlight of our project is the training courses we offered to youth workers. These courses provided a unique opportunity for participants to delve into our framework, learn adaptable methodologies for their local context, and receive mentorship support to enhance their practice. The knowledge and skills gained by these dedicated youth workers will have a profound impact on their local communities and contribute to the overall well-being of young people.

As advocates for sustainability, we are committed to ensuring the long-term availability of our project’s results. Our manual will remain accessible for download on our website, enabling interested youth workers to benefit from our methodologies and activities focused on well-being and nature. Additionally, we will upload our project results to the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform, ensuring broad visibility and impact.

Aligned with the EU Youth Strategy’s goals of Health and Well-Being, Quality Learning, and Sustainable Green Europe, our project strives to promote mental health, foster a love and care for nature, and provide quality learning experiences. Together, we aim to create a positive and transformative environment for young people.

Join us in this inspiring endeavour to empower young people, enhance their well-being, and cultivate a harmonious connection with nature. Together, let’s embark on a journey of well-being and nature exploration!