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In a powerful culmination of the (4)evergreen project, PlanBe organization, under the Erasmus+ KA2 program, organized the final local eco-lab workshop. This inspiring event brought together young participants for a meaningful clean-up activity, followed by the creation of a stunning mural using the collected garbage. Through this transformative experience, attendees not only became environmentally aware but also learned about upcycling and the creative reuse of recyclable materials. The mural now stands as a testament to their dedication, serving as a symbol of pride and a messenger of sustainable development within their Municipality.

Taking Action: Clean-up for a Cleaner Future: The workshop began with a collective effort in cleaning up the local area. Young participants took charge, donning gloves and armed with determination, as they gathered the existing garbage that marred the environment. This hands-on activity instilled a deep sense of responsibility and showcased the participants’ commitment to making a positive impact on their surroundings.

From Trash to Art: Unleashing Creativity and Sustainability: Following the clean-up, the participants embarked on a remarkable artistic endeavour: creating a mural using the collected trash. This ingenious approach not only demonstrated the power of upcycling but also nurtured the development of creative skills. By transforming discarded materials into awe-inspiring artwork, young individuals embraced the concept of sustainability, showcasing the potential beauty that can be derived from reusing recyclable materials.

Empowering Youth as Environmental Advocates: The last local eco-lab workshop served as a catalyst for environmental awareness among the young participants. Through their active engagement in the clean-up and mural creation, they experienced firsthand the impact of waste on the environment and the possibilities for positive change. The workshop not only taught the importance of upcycling and reusing materials but also empowered youth to become advocates for sustainable development, inspiring others to follow their example.

Mural: A Proud Symbol of Sustainable Development: The mural created by the young participants now stands proudly in its designated location, adorning the Municipality. It serves as a lasting reminder of their dedication to preserving the environment and spreading the message of sustainable development. The artwork not only captures the imagination but also evokes a sense of pride and accomplishment among the young people involved. As they pass by the mural, they are reminded of their impactful contribution and are motivated to continue advocating for a greener future.

Inspiring Change and Fostering Pride: The final local eco-lab workshop marks the culmination of the (4)evergreen project, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and the community. By combining the act of cleaning up with artistic expression, the workshop empowered young individuals to take charge of their environment and become ambassadors of change. The mural stands as a testament to their creativity, passion, and dedication to sustainable development. It serves as a powerful visual reminder that even the smallest actions, like cleaning up and repurposing trash, can create a significant positive change.

The last local eco-lab workshop organized by Planbe as part of the (4)evergreen project epitomizes the transformative power of combining environmental awareness, creative expression, and community engagement. Through the clean-up and the creation of a remarkable mural, young participants developed a deep understanding of sustainability, upcycling, and their role as advocates for a cleaner, greener future. The mural not only embellishes the Municipality but also stands as a testament to the participants’ commitment to making a difference. Their passion, creativity, and dedication will continue to inspire others to embrace sustainable practices and foster pride in their Municipality and the wider community. The (4)evergreen project leaves a lasting legacy of empowered youth and a collective vision of sustainable development.

You can find more information regarding the workshop here

Project number: 617584-EPP-1-2020-1-BE-EPPKA2-CBY-WB


🇧🇪 CODEC vzw – BELGIUM – applicant coordinator;

🇵🇹 Geoclube – Portugal;

🇨🇾 PLANBE Plan it Be it – Cyprus;

🇬🇷 System and G – Greece;

🇮🇹 InCo – Italy;

🇻🇳 CSDS – Vietanam;

🇰🇭 KYSD – Cambodia;

🇰🇪 ITF – Kenya;

🇵🇪 BVBP – Peru;

🇮🇳 OSVSWA – India;


The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union