“Milestone no 28: Volunteering”


“Milestone no28: Volunteering” was a youth exchange that took place in Nicosia district, in Kampos village in Cyprus between 30/8-8/9/2017. The main aim of the project was to inspire volunteering spirit among youth and to guide 36 young people coming from Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland and Cyprus on designing and implementing a local voluntary project.
The overal aim of the project was to improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, in particular with economic or geographical obstacles. It further promoted volunteering and trained on volunteering creation and management project. It brought up together a group of people from different European countries raising awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries and promoted European citizenship and identity. Participants had the opportunity to expand their network, both the personal and professional one, with international contacts and start experiencing the real Europe and the benefits of belonging to this bigger family. At the same time this project  inspired young people to get involved with volunteering activities and initiatives. In this way this project was also focused to fight unemployment, one of the main European and National priority. Furthermore this project was relevant with the social inclusion of young people.

Objectives of the project:
 To promote volunteering as a new way of living, a new way of thinking
 To increase the knowledge on volunteering projects , management and implementation
 To share knowledge and experience from each other regarding Evs
 To inspire more participants to participate in an EVS
 Increase understanding of intergeneration: Young people will be actively involved with older people in some activities of this project
 To establish European friendships and netwTo eork amongst participants
 To improve cross cultural understanding and European citizenship
 Inclusion of people with fewer opportunities: this is a practical workshop with no previous experience or skills required. It is thus welcoming people with fewer opportunities.
 To enhance sense of initiative
 Toincrease creativity and contribute to personal development of participants
 To Provide theoretical and practical knowledge of “Volunteering”
 Communication in foreign languages: During the cultural evenings and
throughout the exchange participants will be exposed to and encouraged to learn at least some basics of each other’s language.

Participants profile:
Young people coming from Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and  Poland with strong interest in volunteering. They were further interested in society problems and had volunteering spirit. Young people that were searching for an EVS or wanted to create a volunteering project, or to got involved with volunteering actions , and or seeking employment were the focus group. Through this project we further provided a platform for young people to collaborate at European level for both employment and Erasmus+ opportunities.
Participants were aged between 18-30. The group leader of each team did not have any age limit.