“Gen Z, stay tuned”, 7th – 15th December 2017 Przecznica, Poland

Training course
“Gen Z, stay tuned!”

Project summary:
“Just do it”, the youth organization from Poland, invites you to join us in the 7-day training course “Gen Z, stay tuned” (7th is arrival day and 15th is departure day). The training course will be focused on media literacy and critical thinking. The project will be hosted in Przecznica. It’s a beautiful village near Jelenia Góra city. The activity is funded by Erasmus+ Programme.
We will bring together youth workers from 8 countries:
 Croatia (Ocean Znanja u Republici Hrvatskoj)
 Cyprus (PlanBe, Plan it Be it)
 Italy (EURO-NET)
 Portugal (“H2O” – Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas)
 Lithuania (Asociacija “Aktyvus Jaunimas”)
 Slovenia (MCK)
 Czech Republic (Centrum financni gramotnosti)
 Poland (Just do it)

The main aim of mobility of youth workers is to give youth workers tools to see through political propaganda, marketing tricks of big
companies and other manipulative techniques.
Specific objectives are:
– to teach critical thinking skills in order to see through mislead spread by (social) media.
– to help youth workers prevent radicalization, isolation and social exclusion of people that don’t follow the latest trends or face
difficulties or obstacles.
– to give youth leaders tools to teach youngsters to create resistance against peer pressure by equipping them with basic principles of financial literacy, long-term planning and goal setting instead of short-term thinking and buying instant satisfaction.
– to provide enough knowledge and skills to be able to transfer this topic to other young people through future activities
All of the above will be reached through means of non-formal education. We will no be giving lectures, we will guide and motivate
participants to work in groups, find their own conclusions and develop communication and groupworking skills.

Participants should satisfy the following requirements:
 be able to participate for the whole training fully.
 at least Intermediate level of English Language;
 have great interest in media literacy and critical thinking;
 motivation in attending the training course and participate actively;
 are eager to use knowledge gained during this TC in their communities and organizations;
 one of the participants should be the leader/project manager of the organization or a youth worker, who will have power to
implement changes in partner organization in order to disseminate results of this project;
 another participant should be responsible for social media/PR/marketing of the organization;
 the 3rd participant should be a person with fewer opportunities, facing either social, economic or geographical obstacles. It’s
better focus on people facing social exclusion.
 All of the participants commit themselves for disseminates the outcomes of our training futher in multiple ways.

 We will be staying in a beautiful village of Przecznica in the Izery mountains, 15 km from Jelenia Góra and 120 from Wrocław.
 the participants will be accommodated in rooms (double/triple/quadruple) equipped with all comforts in a agritourism 

Accommodation and food are fully covered as well as travelling expenses up to 275 euro

Applications until 02/10/2017. only 3 places available