Find your Balance | 10 months | ESC in Poland

Krakow, Poland

1st October 2022 – 31st July 2023

European Solidarity Corps project


  • Special School Complex N11
  • School Complex in Waganowice
  • Autism Center


About the project: 
The main purpose of our project “Find Your Balance” is to stimulate young people to make some difference in their lives and find the best way of living that suits their needs and is enriching for them. You will be working on time management, budget management, mental health and the environmental impact that you create. A big part of the project will be focusing on volunteers’ skills and interests. Volunteers in their daily work will support the students of the Autism Center in Krakow, Integrational School Complex in Waganowice and children from Special School and Pre-school Complex N11.
The objectives of the project:
  • The support of volunteers in educational institutions in the implementation of their educational mission.
  • To recognize and manage the impact that volunteers have on the environment.
  • Personal and social development of volunteers. Volunteers will strengthen their position in
    the labour market.
The ESC is for: 
18-29 years old Cypriot citizens or Cypriot residents
If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form