Another Face of Social Media

17-19 of August | Advance Planning Visit

22nd October – 01st November | Youth Exchange

Szentendre,, Hungary


Project Summary

The media space has become part of our lives since the 2000 s, but especially in the lives of young people born practically in the digital age The increasing popularity of online media and social media channels have revolutionized the way that society, now perceived as global, communicates, interacts and shares information and opinions Given this aspect, in addition to the positive aspects of the media channels, we must be aware of the negative effects that these can have on us, as individuals, but also as a society W ith this in mind, we set the following objectives

To raise awareness of the negative effects that media and social media have on young people


Develop 36 young people skills to analyze objectively their own internet usage practices

Develop the critical thinking of 36 young people


More Information

  • Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.
  • 2 Participants  18+ for the APV (17-19 of August) + 6 Participants for the Youth Exchange
  • Food and accommodation are fully covered from the project and the traveling cost up to 275 euro
  • If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form