Be Responsible (Positions Fulfilled)

27 of August – 04th of September 2019

Wisla, Poland

Training Course



About the Training
The training for youth workers “Be responsible!” will take place on 27th August – 4th September 2019 (including 2 days of travel) in Wisła, Poland. It will be attended by 27 youth workers from 9 countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain.

The training aims to better prepare youth workers for conducting activities within non-formal education. On the one hand, it will allow them to create an atmosphere that encourages young people they work with to ask questions and develop their critical thinking. On the other, it will help to develop a greater interest of youth by introducing new forms of conducting educational activities (more ‘appropriate’ for non-formal education) by youth workers.

The goals of the training are as follows:
To develop the competence of the Super Coach – a person who is able to interest  young people in the subject of responsible consumption and fair trade, who is not afraid of any questions, who can arouse curiosity of young people and efficiently control the unexpected situations during activities with youth (currently perceived as difficult);

To share knowledge / experience, as well as inspiration on the sources of knowledge and forms of conducting educational activities with young people. The ultimate goal is that participants will be able to introduce this newly gained knowledge and skills in their every day work with youth. Their sense of self-confidence in conducting non-formal education activities on responsible consumption and fair trade will increase. As a consequence, it will allow them to conduct more interesting non-formal education activities for youth, in an atmosphere that encourages young people to use their critical thinking, ask questions and find the answers together .


Participants Profile

  • Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.
  • 3 participants 18+ years old
  • Food and accommodation are fully covered from the project and the traveling cost is covered up 360 €
  • If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form