BEyond WITHin – (Positions Fullfilled)

27th September – 04th October 2018

 Brno district, Czech Republic

We all have a story to tell. Our body and the way we use it helps us communicate this story with others. While perceiving our body from the inside and outside, putting it through different experience and exploring our own voice we start being aware of our own „self“. We are ready to share it with others and add it to a creation of a common narrative, including all individual stories. In the BEyond WITHin Training, we will go through various
embodied learning processes, founded on principles of movement, voice coaching, body awareness, storytelling & theatre


Elements of the program:

  • body awareness session to reconnect with self & build rapport to others with principles of butoh, yoga, tango, dance etc.
  • voice coaching using techniques from theatre and breathing exercises
  • dynamic body movement & meditation to increase the awareness of own body and optimize energy management
  • role-playing, storytelling and basic activities from Theatre of the Oppressed with topics of freedom and solidarity
  • Working on topics of diversity, tolerance and inclusion through non-formal methods as World Café or Human library
  • and much much more

What you can get out of it:

  • explore the possibilities of expression that your own body offers to support your everyday interactions
  • Improvement of your presentation skills by focusing on communication at all levels: non-verbal, vocal and verbal;
  • personal growth through experiencing embodiment
  • learn how to maintain, create and expand connection with others
  • get to know ways of using the embodied learning tools to empower youngsters and their inclusion
  • share your own experience to create one extraordinary story
  • have fun while increasing your creativity, flexibility and playfulness

This training is for you if you are:

  • youth worker, educator, trainer or facilitator ready to use or considering to use embodied techniques with your target groups
  • willing to experience yourself through 8 – 10 hours daily intense programme
  • enthusiastic, motivated, open to new challenges and experience
  • committed to participate in the project through all the phases (preparation, TC, follow up activities, dissemination activities)
  • 18 + and speaking fluent English
  • resident of Cyprus

Participation fee: There will be 50€ participation fee per participant

You can apply here: until 5/07/2018

Date of Selection: 07/07/2018

Food and accommodation are fully covered from the project and the traveling cost is covered up to 360€