25ht September – 3rd October 2021

Armenia, Abovyan

Youth Exchange


To start with a spoiler: the focus will be made on elaborating the notion of interculturality as a similarity and uniformity of all the cultures on the basic core level of humanistic values, moral principles and ideas through the exploration of 3 main “cultural products”, in which the culture is being reflected and objectified – rituals/ceremonies, folklore (fairy-tales) and games from our childhood.
We were carrying out the idea of this YE for a pretty long period of time, meanwhile investigating and exploring different cultures during our youth and social work in the frames of Erasmus+.
At some point we realized that despite all the differences between such diverse and unique cultures all over the world, we’re all still human beings living in the same world on the same globe and by all this we’re very similar. Moreover, if to continue this logic, we’re all coming from the very diverse cultures, which means that we all have a unique cultural background and by this uniqueness we’re all equal – we all have smth to share, smth to teach, smth to amuse one another with.

► To explore the roots, patterns and core concepts of each culture and their influence on personality and identity;
► To provide methods for using ceremonies/rituals, folklore, and games as tools to address the cultural differences , similarities and origins;
► To raise self, cultural and ethnic awareness through non-formal educational methods and peer education, as well as to reinforce understanding and interest in other cultures through intercultural learning;


► Getting to Know Each Other/Name Games, Ice-Breaking Games, Energizers, Team-Building activities;
► Erasmus+ presentation;
► Improvisation Theatre – practical tool for personal development and efficient approach and method in youth work at the same time;
► Staging/Acting/Performance;
► Role-Play Games;


More Information
  • Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.
  • 4 Participants  18-30 + 1 Team Leader 18+
  • Food and accommodation are fully covered by the project and the traveling cost up to 275 euro
  • If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form