Escape Game for YOUR Rights (Positions Fulfilled)

06th-15th May 2019

Riga, Latvia

Training Course



Summary of the project

The main idea of an escape room is that you have to solve several puzzles in order to find a way out of the room.while doing this,one follows a story or narrative developed by the escape room creator. If you place group into a room which imitates a hr violation scenario, it enables that group of people to understand how those people feel. In short, it fosters the process of empathy with the person or group whose rights are violated. After attending such room, it is much easier to explain to young people why it is important to promote and protect hr & civil liberties. Project will gather youth & ngo workers who work with young people on tc where they will learn about how to make escape rooms based on hr issues. The idea is that participants will learn the mechanics & logics of escape room creation & will later apply this in work.


Our aim

With our tc we aim to raise awareness about hr in spheres of refugees and immigrants,gender equality&domestic violence, and special needs.this will be realised through constructing a hr escape room,as well as understanding how to use it as a learning tool in order to create similar projects of hr back at local communities by youth and ngo workers who work with young people.


We will focus on 3 main issues:

  • refugees and immigrants
  • gender equality & domestic violence
  • citizens with special needs


Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.

Food and accommodation are fully covered from the project and the traveling cost is covered up to 360 €

Participation fee 20 euro

If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form