(4)Ever Green | Job Shadowing

24th of September – 8th of October

Nairobi, Kenya

Job Shadowing


About the project: 

The aim of the project is to contribute to the just and inclusive transition to sustainable living by empowering the youth work sector across the globe to raise awareness of environmental issues through personal examples and digital tools – the language of young people.

This is a partnership between non-profit organizations from Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, India, Peru, Italy, Kenya Belgium, Cambodia and Vietnam under the funding of Erasmus+ KA2. We will carry out this project for a three-year period, from December 2020 to mid-2023.


  • To build the capacity of consortium and foster networking and cooperation of the youth work sector on a global level in terms of environmental-responsible and sustainable living education;
  • To provide participating youth workers with the knowledge, skills camp; attitudes necessary for sustainable living education and support their professionalization in the area;
  • To build enabling environment for creating together best practices on how youth workers can be themselves ambassadors of sustainable living;
  • To contribute to the Union’s pool of learning recognition tools throughout the creation & promotion of the GreenBadges – learning badges system focused on acquainting sustainable living skills and attitudes and promoting these attitudes during Erasmus+ activities: long-term perspective badges can be used in any in-country or learning mobility, as part of ESC TEC;
  • To create a catalogue of “planet-friendly” tips that can be incorporated into the daily life of youth organizations and young people across the globe

Aim and tasks of Job Shadowing: 

Aims to foster capacity building among partners by direct peer sharing of the working methods and practices, provide an environment for the development of the Greenbadges, finalize the collection of the eco-tips and implement local activities

Practical Arrangements

Venue: The Job Shadowing will take place in Nairobi city, Kenya. the participant will stay in an AIRBNB, organized by the hosting organization.

Travel budget: 820 euro


Food Allowance

Participation fee: 50 euro


If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form