“Let’s commEUnicate!”

3-10th June 2022,

Świętouść, Poland

Youth Exchange



The main goal of our project is to develop communication competences among young people of our organisations. Through our project we will have a chance to practice both verbal (in mother and foreign languages) and non-verbal communication. Besides, considering the pandemic, we will dedicate some time for learning tools useful for communicating on the Internet. During the exchange we will be using non-formal education methods and each workshop will be run by a different group of participants. Thanks to this we will not only develop communication skills, but we will also let the participants to take up a facilitating role
and this way we will include them more in the organisation process. The next goal of the project is to meet and start a dialogue in real life. Up until now we’ve been cooperating only online and, despite very good relations, we’d like to have a chance to meet because a better integration and creating a well-cooperating international team will lead to future common actions. What’s more, our members who haven’t had a chance to go abroad will learn the culture, tradition, history and customs of their friends from other countries. It is crucial to us because we want to keep organising international project and the ease in contacting people
from other countries is a key skill in our organisations. We believe that nurturing communication skills are important for us all, especially in the times where most of us study or work remotely and socialising is limited. That is why if our project becomes a success, our members improve their skills, we’ll build a more engaged team, we’ll receive a positive feedback from the participants and other recipients of our project, we would like to organise another project in the topic of communication, because it’s crucial to us to educate the biggest number of people.


Here is a brief agenda of the exchange:
Day 1: Arrivals, First get-together, Welcome by the organizers;
Day 2: Getting to know each other, our organisations and Erasmus+, presentations and team-building, Polish national evening;
Day 3: workshops on communication: “16 personalities”, “Zoom” etc. – Cypriot national evening;
Day 4: workshops on body language, communication in the internet, Italian national evening;
Day 5: all-day trip, sightseeing, sunbathing 😉, etc.(details to be determined);
Day 6: active listening, oxford debate, Lithuanian national evening;
Day 7: making project results, Evaluation of the exchange, Youthpass certificates, Romanian national evening;
Day 8: Departures.
The workshops will be facilitated by an experienced youth trainer.
The exchange will take place in Wolin National Park, right by the sea, in Camping „Tramp”: http://campingtramp.com/en . You will live in 4-5 people wooden houses,
we will eat meals and have workshops in a separate building just  for us. More details about this place including photos you can check in the above website. All costs related to programme, accommodation, and food (3 meals per day: “breakfast, lunch, dinner”) will be covered by project budget. Please send us information if you need special diet or have other health/food issues (vegan,  vegetarian, allergic, etc) 4 weeks prior to exchange at latest! Later on the kitchen can’t provide any special
food. On the camping and also a walking distance away from the place there are shops if you need to buy something. More practical information we will put later
in the facebook group.

More Information

  • Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.
  • 7 Participants 18-30 + 1 Team Leader 18+
  • Food and accommodation are fully covered by the project and the traveling cost up to 275 euro
  • If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form