Live GREEN, Think GREEN, Love GREEN! (Positions Fulfilled))

03rd – 10th December 2018

Birmingham , United Kingdom

Youth Exchange



Project Summary

Through the spirit of active European citizenship, “GREEN ” aims to underline the importance of environmental awareness practices in rural areas by the young participants through creative campaigns conducted using methods of non-formal education and through concrete actions to reduce the negative impact caused of man on the natural environment. At the same time, we want a better communication and to create a durable link between the young participants of the project and local residents. According to all above, ” GREEN “:

  • It emphasis on diversity, having 38 participants from six different countries with different cultural background
  • Develops mutual understanding between young people from different countries and cultures, they assuming a series of commitments and also, establishing ways to work together as a group
  • Promotes active learning introducing various methods of non-formal education
  • Includes young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas (unemployed, with economic difficulties from isolated areas, with less access to information) as an active part of the project



We will have name games (for familiarization and communication), ice-breaking games (for relaxing the group atmosphere and removing barriers created by shyness and hesitation), open space (to allow participants to think and act freely, to choose how and what to discuss), team-building activities (for the group cohesion), treasure hunt (to arouse the curiosity, to revive the spirit of competition and to familiarize participants with the environment they are in), the Albatros (for intercultural learning – ICL), group discussions (to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to provide participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences), group work (to facilitate teamwork and to give everyone a chance to be involved), Eco-Topics (to increase creativity and sense of initiative), GREEN (for team work and active involvement in the community life), traditional evenings (for discovering new cultures). stimulate imagination and creativity, increase adaptability to new situations.


Participants Profile

Eligible to participate in this project are only 6 Cypriots or Cypriot residents

Food and accommodation are fully covered by the project and the traveling cost up to 530 euro

If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form