Living Together | NISI, Raches Fthiotidas | 16-22/6/2023

Living Together

NISI, Raches Fthiotidas

Youth Exchange



About the project:

“Living Together” is a youth exchange from 3 different countries Greece, Cyprus, and Serbia, aiming to engage participants from 14- 20 years old with and without disabilities. The activity will take place, in Raches Fthiotidas and specifically at a place called “Nisi” from the 16th to 22nd of June 2023 (plus 2 days of travel). For 7 days young people with and without disabilities will develop comptences and skills related to solidarity, and cooperation with the primary purpose of an inclusive process through sports and artistic activities. Participants will be guided on a journey to develop their own path of learning, explore their creative potential and use art, nature and sport as the main thematic pillars for their engagement.



  • Meeting and living together with people with or without disabilities;
  • Understanding the difficulties faced by people with disabilities in their daily lives;
  • Exchange of experiences and good practices with other organisations concerning people with disabilities operating in EU countries;
  • Use of non-formal education activities (art and sports), creative engagement and entertainment for people with disabilities;
  • Development and strengthening of skills in matters of care, rehabilitation and social integration;
  • Integration of marginalized communities in a multicultural society;
  • Incorporating the basic principles of the European Disability Strategy (2010-2020), the European strategy and the European Youth Goals (2019-2027);
  • Facilitating and ensuring the integration of all young people into society.


Participants’ profile: 

8 participants from Cyprus→2 accompanying people- 1 leader- 3 young people with disability +2 without


More Information

  • Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.
  • Food and accommodation are fully covered by the project and the travelling cost is up to €275
  • If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form