The nomad of the future

12nd-20th of May 2021

Iscar, Spain

Youth Exchange



“The nomad of the future”. The problem of young people access to housing is clear and the promoters, administrations and financial sector must be able to implement solutions to solve it.
Currently, this study shows a completely disproportionate scheme, one third of the population can opt or own a house, 25% of these young people live renting in pairs, and we are talking about 26% have not yet become independent. In addition, there is another 25% that have their own home and are planning to buy another house to improve their currently conditions.
The ways of inhabiting a home in most European countries have traditionally fluctuate between buying and renting. Taking into account the first parameter, most of these countries are characterized by having developed a culture where ownership predominates. However, and as a result of the effects of the bursting of the housing bubble and subsequent economic crisis, more and more people are choosing rent as the most effective way to access a home. This trend is reproduced internationally, where the alternatives are based on innovative hybrids.
In this exchange, we intend to explore, together with our young participants and partner entities, new habitability formulas that empower the young person and open a housing supply that has been unknown or unexplored until now that will help them achieve the sustainable independence they need to acquire.
The language of the project will be English


Iscar is a Spanish town and municipality in the province of Valladolid and the autonomous community of Castile and León. It has about 6000 inhabitants, although in the summer season the population can grow up to 10500 persons.
It has a wonderful castle with year of creation in 939 which can be visited with a guide and you can see medieval representations.
Iscar’s economy is based on agriculture and especially in the production of doors for homes and factories. Iscar at the time became the producer of 80% of doors throughout Spain.



More Information
  • Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.
  • 15 euros Participation Fee
  • 5 Participants 18-30  years old + 1 Team Leader 18+
  • Food and accommodation are fully covered by the project and the traveling cost up to 530 euro
  • If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form