Welcome to Tolerance Town

15th – 26th of September 2018

Eynesil, Turkey

Youth Exchange


Project Summary

Our Project does not only focus on activities which will establish awareness and seek for solutions against prejudice towards Islam religion and Islamophobia problems. At the same time, while focusing on Antisemitism towards Judaism, for the sake of finding solutions to similar problems towards other religions, our activities and final product; Tolerance Town aims to contribute to the dialogue between religions by finding out the similarities between the cultures and religions and raising awareness of these similarities. We will establish this by showing Islam’s with its all beauty and discovering similarities and common points with Christianity and Judaism. We think that raising awareness among religions will be effective in breaking prejudice towards different religions. We prepared our activity schedule by using activities which everyone will enjoy and common learning methods which will give the participants the chance of participating actively.

In addition, during the project we will also carry out social activities such as the activity in which we will socialize with the local people by discovering the city centre, trips to the historical places and natural beauties during which we will introduce our country, project idea generating and informing activities so as to inform our participants about Erasmus+ programme, and cultural nights in order for all the countries to introduce their culture.


We are looking for 6 participants 18-27 years old and one group leader over 20 years old

Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots or Cypriot residents.

If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application form 


Food and accommodation are fully covered from the project and the traveling cost is covered up to 275€