What The Plastic



About The Project

We ’re facing a plastic crisis. Every minute of every day, the equivalent of one truckload of plastic enters the sea. Every year, 8 billion kilograms of plastic pollution ends up in the ocean. Part of this pollution has already been detected in human blood and a recent research suggests that humans consume about five grams of small plastic particles every week, which is about the weight of your credit card

We decided to devise this project with the aim of raising awareness about the plastic crisis among our local communities. What the Plastic! (WTP!) is a
gentle way to intend the WTF we usually say aloud when we see our beaches and rivers and streets polluted by plastic. For this reason, we decided to
involve 9 different coastal countries and 2 islands: we want our voices to be heard louder.



– to empower and connect 33 youth workers and offer them the possibility to learn quality nonformal methods;
– to increase knowledge on “climate action” and “life below water” ,the 13 and 14 SDG from UN and the importance of our practices on sustainable development;
– to evolve youth work’s environmental practices into an important soft-skill for fighting climate change and engage young people with fewer opportunities;
– to foster a collective reflection on the impact of our choices on our environment’s health from a European point of view.


Arrival: 14.05.2022
Departure: 22.05.2022
Venue: Giovinazzo, Bari


For participating in this course we ask for a contribution of 50€ to support the long-term sustainability of projects like ours and help us to go further.


More Information

  • Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots and/or Cypriot residents.
  • 3 Participants 18+
  • Food and accommodation are fully covered by the project and the traveling cost up to 275 euro
  • If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form