Yes, Youth for an Equalitarian Society (Positions Fulfilled)

10th – 17th December 2018

Alcudia, Spain

Youth Exchange



Project Summary

Gender equality has become one of the great challenges of 21st century societies. It is detected, a regret of an equality in some countries, a social gap between men and women. There are many cases of gender violence and sexist that appear in the news every day. Therefore, this is a more visible and striking sample of such inequality caused by discrimination against women.
However, it is not the only thing, since there are behaviors accepted by tradition that mark the differentiation that people will receive from the moment of birth, the use of toys or products that traditionally is associated with women or man). They are areas in which changes can be made more easily in the field of awareness, with the interest of
producing a greater impact. In this project, a group of young people from five countries (Armenia, Cyprus, Spain,
Moldova and Romania) will deepen their knowledge in the field of human rights; they will reflect on gender equality, feminism, gender democracy, forms of gender violence and other issues. In addition, share the perspectives of their countries and seek solutions with the aim of mobilizing and motivating the youth to actively involve them in making
the change effective towards a social improvement. Non-formal education becomes a fundamental factor in the development of the project, which offers us a multitude of activities that help us to work with the theme of the
constructive way. We will conduct workshops that help us to put ourselves in the position of the other, in order to promote an approach and the equality of both. In addition, you can search for information and choose the best way to campaign for gender equality, and help change thanks to the active participation of young people.
The target group is youth people between 18-30 years old that are interested in the topic that we have explained. The project will have five parts: selection and preparation of the participants and youth leaders, preparation of the activities, one APV of two days plus two travel days, one Youth Exchange of six days plus two travel days, evaluation and dissemination of the results.

The group leader will need to attend the APV  that will take place  in  Palma between 8-11th of November 2018.


Eligible to participate in this project are only Cypriots or Cypriot residents.

Food and accommodation are fully covered from the project and the traveling cost is partially covered

If you are interested to participate you can fill up the  Application Form