A(e)ffective Communication

16th – 25th of July 2018

Saku, Estonia

Experiential Learning Youth Program



It all started with six different personalities who applied for a project offered by Risti Rasti in cooperation with Plan Be, the name was A(e)ffective Comunication and took place in Estonia. We all met a week before and felt connected with each other, the meeting took place at Gloria Jeans in Engomi in the presence of Plan Be president Maria Drakou, a friendly personality who created a brilliant environment between all participants.

On the 15th of July the Cyprus team was set to travel to Tallinn were we set to meet the rest of the participants from Bulgaria,Spain,Estonia,Greece and Italy. Due to the facilitators amazing skills, we felt connected with the other participants from the very first day. We have learned a lot of useful skills and gained a lot of experience because of the non formal education methods of all the sessions.



In the A(e)ffective Communication project the main object was to explore how to communicate more effectively others, to take in to a count your emotions and feelings when communicating but also the person you are communicating with. Also we shared our knowledge regarding communication from our personal experiences.


The venue was great and gave us the chance to connect with nature and feel welcome from the very first encounter. Although the concept of the program involved vegan and vegetarian meals it was so delicious that is in fact indescribable.


What an amazing experience.

Thank you Plan be for this opportunity.

And a very special thanks to Maria Drakou!