Adapting Design Thinking tools for sustainability

Wisla, Poland 

10-19 May 2022

Erasmus + Training Course 

Adapting Design Thinking tools for sustainability took place in the beautiful mountains of Wisla, Poland. Between 10 and 29 of May 2022. People from Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece and Ukraine gathered in Wisla to be part of this inspirational project.

Through the program, we learn how to turn our ideas into action that has value to others through the task when we had to find solutions for the problem we choose and make a plan on how to solve it. We learn how important is to use Design Thinking tools, identifying the problem, empathize with the users, testing the prototype, receiving feedback and update the prototype. We also learn how to create an in-depth interview to understand the real needs of the users. Furthermore, we improve our understanding of European common values from the international nights we had here, in which each country group hat to present their countries through presentation and  other activities. We also improve the ability to deal with people coming from different social and cultural backgrounds through the group activities. The program also helps us to network with like-minded people. We are very grateful for Plan Be, plan it Be that gave us this opportunity. 

Thank you, 

Michalis Pantelidis

Anna Michaelidou