Belonging to Nature | Iceland

Belonging to Nature


31st August – 7th September 2022













The second part of the training “Belonging to Nature” took place in Selfoss, Iceland from 31/8-7/9. After the first training which was this May in Slovenia, the team met again to inspire and share experiences, and opinions and of course to
create memories. The days were passing rapidly since the program was full of exciting activities such as brainstorming, role-playing and exciting discussions. All the participants were amazed by the knowledge of the facilitators and the positive
energy they were bringing every day. One of the most interesting activities we had, was the last two days when we
have been asked by our trainers to be facilitators. So, we separated into groups according to the topic we were interested and we organized a training session for 40 minutes based on human ecology. Each team presented their activities and every time in the end we could give feedback. The good part with this is that in the following months we will have a handbook free to use as youth workers and share it with our colleagues. This will help with the sustainability of the project. Apart from the context of the project, we had moments we will never forget. For example, watching the Northern Lights three times in a row! Or hiking in the beautiful mountains of Iceland and enjoying the natural thermal baths. I believe for all the team was a life change experience since we have created a circle of family, of friends that if we are lucky we can meet again somewhere in the world.