Gen Z, Stay Tuned

7 th – 15th of December 2017

Przecznica, Poland

Training Course

The main aim of mobility of the training course was to give youth workers tools to see through political propaganda, marketing tricks of big companies and other manipulative techniques.

They tough us some specific objectives as critical thinking skills in order to see through mislead spread by (social) media, help youth workers prevent radicalization, isolation and social exclusion of people that don’t follow the latest trends or face difficulties or obstacles, give youth leaders tools to teach youngsters to create resistance against peer pressure by equipping them with basic principles of financial literacy, long-term planning and goal setting instead of short-term thinking and buying instant satisfaction and provide enough knowledge and skills to be able to transfer this topic to other young people through future activities.

At the same time, the training course was hosted in the Jizera Mountains, in a village named Przecznica. It’s a beautiful village near Jelenia Góra city. We were staying in a wonderful house lost in the mountains and the only you could see from every window was snow, trees and the beautiful Polish sky. We were 26 people and we really get close to each other…

We exchange our thoughts, believes and culture traditions after this experience when we finally reached our homes I am sure that we all had our mind-sets more open, our memories richer and the feeling of this nostalgic pain in the heart.