New Youth Skills Exchange, 23-29/03/2017 Poronin, Poland

New youth skills exchange, a programme under the Erasmus+ took place in Poronin, Poland and it hosted young people from Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. During that period 23.03.-29.03.2017 the participants had the opportunity to share their skills, exchange experiences and increase their competence in the field of entrepreneurship and labour market.

During the project we had the opportunity to discuss about a start-up, how to build up a company, taking into account the revenue, costs and all the needs of a firm to be profitable and constructive. It helps the people understand the concept of opening a business and looking at all the elements required to do so successfully.

The main activities were group and individual work, brainstorming, stock exchange, simulation game, presentations, working on the internet, preparing analytic documentation, discussions, evaluations, sum-ups, role play, and national evenings, exercising new skills but also presenting and promoting activities. All the participants took part in every activity, learn from a business man who discuss with them and give a mark to their work.

In my opinion, it was a really important youth exchange because the huge problem with youth unemployment in the EU discourages the young people to take risks or to find even a job easily. Learning combined with entertainment make us to have hope and invest in knowledge. By knowing new people and discuss with them you could understand that you always come up against some troubles in your life but you have to be focused and fight for what you want. I can sum up by giving the title “Youth Exchange of hope”