Social Economy –Social Values, Social Inclusion

The training took place in Wisla, Poland from the 11 th  of July until the 19 th  of July 2022. It was implemented with the involvement of 24 participants from Bulgaria, Poland,
Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania,  Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Serbia. The main purpose of the training was to create awareness about Social Economy
and examine how socially excluded people can actively engage and contribute to the development of the local community,

Within 7 days of training, we have the opportunity to develop our skills and gain knowledge regarding Social Economy, including the possibility of using its mechanisms to meet social goals and objectives. The training methods were based on non-formal education, such as team building, workshops, interaction with local people, intercultural nights, cultural activities and reflections.
Among the aims of the project were how education on Social Economy can be used for the promotion of important values among young people, such as tolerance and solidarity
and how and what tools to use to interest young people in Social Economy and promote important values at the same time.

Moreover, we have the opportunity to discuss and examine good practices from various countries, that use Social Economy as a tool for supporting disadvantaged groups, developing skills and competencies in the areas of incorporating aspects of Social Economy in their education activities with youth, identifying the best type of social enterprise for a given social problem and last but not least to see the bigger picture on how economy and business could include disadvantaged groups. Definitely, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The toolkit that has been created can be found here