TOT Let’s enjoy the game

14th until 20th of December 2017

Hondarribia ,Spain

Training Course

On the 14th of December 2017, representatives from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Spain and Italy, gathered in a remote rural location near Hondarribia, Spain to discover more about simulation games, team activities, improve their leadership skills and share their experiences.

The training course “ToT Let’s Play a Game” was held as part of Erasmus+ projects. The program consisted of various activities. Young activists and local leaders from all over Europe participated in diverse exercises focusing on simulation games. The goal of the project was to give space to young people and youth workers, who wanted to learn new methods and see how they can use simulation games in their everyday work. We tried new skills and created our own games which were dealing with many different aspects of social and international problems and included all
permanent priorities. Using these game we also contributed to a dialogue between all participants whether they came from EU-countries or Eastern partner countries. Through simulation games, we discovered the difficulties of creating a social balance and maintaining control of a situation, and developed our social communication skills. We practiced in managing public discussions, resolving conflicts, and finding compromises. Participants kept the training full of positive energy, and shared traditional food and drinks from their own countries.

Overall, the project was a great opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and valuable relationships with other participants from 8 different countries. We also had a chance to visit the magnificent city of San Sebastian, as well as experiencing the best of Basque country from food, to great views, clean air and walking in the forest.

It was a creative and a challenging week and thanks to the Cypriot NGO PlanBe, Plan it Be it we got the opportunity to gain new experiences and broaden our horizons.