Social Theatre Toolbox

29th of September – 07th of October 2019

Valverde, Italy

Training Course



The “Social Theatre Toolbox” project is a physical and mental space where participants can stop,take a break and reflect on the role of “theatre tools” that are often used in the field of youth work, a space where we can focus in particular on the dynamics and energies that can arise from this type of work, highlighting creative processes. These techniques are very effective and widely used while working with youngsters, but it’s important to know them deeply, if we want to carry out quality work with positive effects on young people, local communities, territories, organizations that promote such projects and indirectly on all the persons and institutions that gravitate around us.


The main goal of this project is to increase the level of competence, work quality and sensitivity of Youth Workers who choose to use social theatre tools in the different contexts in which they operate.


• Improve the level of knowledge of the different branches of Social Theatre
• To contribute to a deep understanding of the specific characteristics of Social
Theatre and to raise awareness, particularly regarding the contexts in which it can be applied
• To develop practical skills in the work and management of quality processes in local and international projects with youngsters
• Increase/improve attitudes of cultural and social sensitivity in the field of youth work