The Right to choose-Choose right

14th – 20th of April 2019

Wierzchoslawice , Poland 

Youth Exchange



The Right to choose-Choose right, is the name of a youth exchange that took place from 14th until 20th of April 2019 in Wierzchosławice of Poland.

Thanks to PlanBe, Plan it be it , to Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych and the European Commission who financed this project, 7 young people from Cyprus had the chance to participate in this Erasmus+ youth exchange. 35 more participants coming from Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia, and North Macedonia were also given this opportunity to become a part of this amazing experience.


The purpose of this youth exchange was mainly to inform participants about parliamentary mechanisms and in particular about the European Parliament. Another one of the main goals was to create conscious citizens by developing information and promotional materials in order to launch a campaign promoting participation in the European elections. The project also helped the participants to develop skills such as discussing and arguing, daring for public speaking, asking questions and last but not least, to make participants more concerned with youth problems and provide ways and means to solve them.


Low turnout in EU elections and low activity of European youth in social and political life are some major issues but projects like this one can really make the difference and give solutions in these problems.