Yes, Youth for an Equalitarian Society

10th-17th of December 2018

Mallorca, Spain

Youth Exchange



“Yes, youth for an equalitarian society” program took place in Colona de San Jordi, Mallorca Spain. It was a program concerning equality of genders (male, female) and discrimination between them in the modern society of, 21st century, today. The countries which participated were Cyprus, Romania, Armenia, Moldova and of course Spain.

All of us were leaving together in the same place sharing our everyday habits and routines. The accommodation provided by the host team, Spain, was located at the edge of the beach and all five teams were connected through every day activities. Our stay in Mallorca included food, coffee, snacks and traditional cuisine from all over Spain. Our prospectus included trips to several places to experience Mallorca in all of its forms, both sea sides and mountains. That made realize that Mallorca is not only suitable for summer holidays as it is well known but also for winter excursions.


The activities mentioned before taught us about the gender inequalities and stereotypes that still exist in each country. The workshops that stood out the most were the ones that had to do with team bonding and meeting the people of the other teams because they helped us get to know the different cultures and ethnicities. That had as result to come closer to each other and corporate all together as one by getting to know each other more. It was in general a multicultural environment that made the trip a lot more interesting and intriguing. We were surprised positively and negatively at times by some inequalities that still exist in 21st century in some of the countries. That made us be more aware about the subject and also made us more willing to let more people know about the situation and find ways to solve the issues.

By the end of the program we also received a Youth pass certificate that showed us what we learned throughout our stay in Mallorca. It was a really touching moment for us because we saw in front of our eyes what we achieved in the whole trip written on a paper. We strongly recommend to everybody to live this experience and participate in Youth exchange programs. Except the knowledge you gain through the seminars and activities, you also gain lots of new and great friends from all over the world