Projects in Cyprus

“PlanBe,Plan it Be it”, is a hosting organisation for youth in action and Erasmus+ projects. With a growing network of loyal partners and a collaborative team of expertise and volunteers we manage to implement our projects effectively.

 Erasmus + projects organized by PlanBe:

  • “Take the Stage” a mobility of youth workers project targeting on competent young leaders and facilitators in civil society who are willing and able to run educational activities for youth.  Limassol, Cyprus 27th of May until 5th of June 2016
  • “Entrepreneurship on your way” a mobility of youth workers project focusing on fighting youth unemployment by investing on entrepreneurship.  Nicosia ,Cyprus 18th to 24th of April 2016
  • “UpCycling Art” a youth exchange focused on  the reuse of old materials and products, transforming them with a creative and entrepreneurship way into new ones.  Kampos village, Nicosia district 21st to 31st of August 2015
  • “TradE Wine”, a youth exchange on traditional professions relevant with Wine products that took place in Kampos village in Nicosia district on 17 – 24 of October 2014
  •  “Re-Action”, a training course on Human Rights and environmental Issues that took place in Larnaca on 14 – 21 of November 2014

Youth in Action Projects:

On June 2014 we hosted our first youth exchange through Youth in Action in Cyprus “TradE – from tradition to employment” which aimed to fight unemployment through reviving  old professions transforming them in a new entrepreneurship way.