CIA project-Career In Action

The youth exchange “Career In Action” is an international project under the
Erasmus+, that will held in Nicosia district, Kannavia village between 8th and 16th of
December 2017. The project is focusing on career guidance of 42 unemployed
young people or people that want to change their career direction, coming from
Italy, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain and Cyprus. During this youth
exchange participants will work on developing and improving their
communication, self-management and personal skills in order to increase their
employability. Also, they will get the chance to share their own experience and good
practice examples in order to learn from each other. Main objective of this youth
exchange is to give to participants the knowledge and skills needed these days in
the environment of increased youth unemployment . Through workshops,
discussions, simulation games, study visits and non-formal education activities we
are targeting to the personal and professional development of participants. With
this way we also want to contribute in our own way to the decrease of youth
unemployment, one of the main priority of Europe.

Target Group: The project will focus on youth. Young people up to 30 years old from
Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria. They will cooperate
to accomplish this project. Priority will be given to young people with fewer
opportunities mainly beccause they face economical, social, geographical obstacles
and/or educational difficulties.

 The communication of information based on the project, that shall lead to
career guidance for young people towards existing professions
 The enhancement of knowledge of young people living in remote areas or
facing economical or social obstacles, around professions and skills, so as to
bridge the gap between existing professions and skills
 To develop youth digital skills by creating a video on career development
 To increase innovation, research and development
 To promote the knowledge and information regarding which jobs are suitable
to young people according to their personality
 To enhance the career guidance provided to young people who want to
change or invest to their career
 To inspire youth for entrepreneurship ideas
 To increase participants self – confidence and employability skills in order to
be more competitive candidates in the labor market
 To raise awareness on tools that can be used for personal promotion
 To share knowledge and experiences on job interviews, Cv and cover letter
 To promote efficient career plan and career goal setting
 To promote Erasmus plus program and its outcomes – Youth pass and
competences acquirement, support the network of NGO and organizations
active in the youth field

“Career in Action” will take place in Cyprus, Nicosia district, Kannavia village
between Friday 8th and Saturday 16th of December 2017. The arrival day is on
7/12/2017 while the Departure day is on the 17/12/2017.

Participants should be aged between 18-30. The group leader of each team will not have any age limit.

6 participants per country will join us: 5 young people aged 20-30 + 1 group leader no age limit

Traveling Cost:

Portugal   400 euro
Spain        400 euro
Lithuania 270 euro
Bulgaria   170 euro
Greece      170 euro
Italy          170 euro

Accommodation and food expenses are also covered by the program.

If you are interested to participate in this project, fill up the application form!!!