Projects Abroad

PlanBe, Plan it Be it has many partnerships for Erasmus + projects.

Below you may find more info about the upcoming projects abroad that PlanBe is a partner. In every project accommodation and food is fully covered by the Erasmus+ as well as transportation costs according to Erasmus+ distance calculator. A  Youthpass certificate is provided to every participant.  For all potential participants its usefull to have European Health Insurance Card and European Youth Card . If  you are interested participating in any of the following projects you can complete the application form
Forthcoming projects:
Previous projects:

09.10.2017-16.10.2017:Training Course “Spread the Word”, Dresden, Germany positions fullfiled

21.10-29.10/2017 : Training Course :“We can make the difference Paris, France positions fullfiled

06.11-12.11/2017 : Youth Exchange :“IDEA! Intercultural Diversity for a Europe in Action”  Florence, Italy

12.09.2017-19.09.2017: Training Course “InSpire -“HELPING YOUNG PEOPLE EXPRESS THEIR COMPETENCIES IN THE JOB MARKET“, Czech Republic
21.08.2017-29.08.2017: Training Course “Refugees Integration against Discrimination (R.I.D.)“,Varbovo, Bulgaria
21.08.2017-28.08.2017:Training Course “Coach ‘Em – Supporting young people through coaching“, Örebro region, Sweden positions fulfilled
15.07.2017-22.07.2017: Youth Exchange “Cigarette? – No, thnx!” Thessaloniki, Greece 
30.06.2017-09.07.2017: Training Course “Democracy 2.0 : think Europe, act local”,Gothenburg, Sweden positions fulfilled
28.06.2017-08.07.2017: Training Course “Social Business for Inclusion” Torun, Poland positions fulfilled
10.06.2017-18.06.2017: Erasmus+ Training Course “YOUth 4 Peace“,Bansko, Bulgaria 
08.05.2017-16.05.2017: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Social Activists in Social Media“,Naples District, Italy
05.05.2017-13.05.2017: Erasmus+ Training Course “RURAL EXCHANGE- Supporting Youth Leaders” Trysil, Norway
04.05.2017-11.05.2017: Erasmus+ Training Course “The treasure of each individual: the Human Rights” Tallinn, Estonia
02.05.2017–11.05.2017:Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Europe sings together” Ruše and Maribor / Slovenia
25.04.2017–30.04.2017:Erasmus+ Training Course “Growing Ideas: ERASMUS+ Youth Worker” Alozaina -Malaga , Spain positions fulfilled
24.04.2017-01.05.2017: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Their homes are taken, their Future not” Chios island, Greece΄positions fulfilled
19.04.2017–29.04.2017:Erasmus+ Training Course  “Find your balance through parkour” Ioannina, Greece
18.04.2017– 26.04.2017:Erasmus+ Training Course “Youth for inclusion, inclusion for youth” ​Nova Gradiška, Croatia
17.04.2017–25.04.2017:Erasmus+ Youth Exchange  “Volunteering – journey to success” Castellammare di Stabia (Naples), Italy
20.03.2017–29.03.2017:Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “YOUTHPASS -USEFUL OR USELESS” Romania
23.03.2017–29.03.2017:Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “New youth skills exchange” Poland
24.03.2017–31.03.2017:Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Building Europe” Nea Kallikrateia,Greece
03.02.2017– 12.02.2017:Erasmus+ Training Course “CLICK ON” Kaunas, Lithuania
22/01/2017-29/01/2017: Erasmus+ Training Course “Theatre- infinite possibilities of inclusion” Bratislava, Slovakia
10/01/2017 – 18/01/2017: Erasmus+ Training Course “Game of Cultures: Active Communities for the Inclusion of Young Migrants and Refugees“, Cascais | Estoril, Portugal Call for Participants – Game of Cultures
22/11/2016 – 30/11/2016: Erasmus + Training Course “I HAVE A DREAM – Life Coaching for Young People”,  Norway
12/12/2016 – 21/12/2016: Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Jump in Living Library” Naples, Italy
25/10/2016 – 02/11/2016: Erasmus + Training Course “Upgrade Youth Work” ,Romania
22/10/2016 – 29/10/2016: Erasmus + Training Course “ENTERpreneurSHIP, welcome on board”, Amsterdam, NetherlandsINFOPACK
03/10/2016 – 12/10/2016: Erasmus + Training Course “Outdoor Emotions” ,Hungary infopack_OutdoorEmotions
19/09/2016 – 27/09/2016: Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Creativity has (no) Rules” ,Kaunas Lithuania Creativity has (no) rules_INFOPACK
11/09/2016 – 19/09/2016:  Erasmus + Youth Exchange “TUNEurope” , Stradonice (Nizbor), Czech Republic
01/09/2016 – 08/09/2016 : Erasmus + Training Course “TC Culinary ” Alicante, Spain
22/08/2016 – 28/08/2016: Erasmus + Youth Exchange “#dance4dialogue” , Tallinn- Estonia
05/8/2016 – 14/08/2016: Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Recreative use of waste” ,Romania
02/8/2016 – 10/08/2016: Erasmus + Training Course” Pride & Prejudice” ,Municipality of Ruše, Slovenia
5/ 7 /2016 -13/ 7/2016: Erasmus + Training Course “Soft Skills – Naturally” , Taevaskoda – South Estonia
28-06-2016- 05-07-2016: Erasmus+ Training Course “Let’s make lasting, positive change for the common good”, Lázně Bohdaneč – Czech Republic
 20/6/2016 – 27/6 /2016: Erasmus + Youth Exchange “I am skilled-I am employed” Bansko, Bulgaria
14/6/2016 – 24/ 6 /2016: Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Forced2Move” Lithuania
13/5/2016 – 22/5/2016:  Erasmus+ Training Course Special Effects – Simplicity, Depth and Nature-Based Methods in Youth Work and Training” Slovakia
9 /5/2016 – 17/5/2016:  Erasmus + Training Course “Take Initiative” , Birmingham, United Kingdom 
11-18/02/2016: Erasmus+ Training Course “Fundraisers in Action” Romania
15/12/2015-21/12/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Strengthening Employability through the Youth Work” Castellammare di Stabia (Napoli),Italy
11/12/2015-20/12/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Breaking news! Breaking inactivity, developing youth!” Ustroń, Poland (Beskidy Mountains)
03/12/2015-12/12/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange “I SEE.I BELIEVE.PROMOTE YOURSELF TO GET A JOB” Busteni, Romania 
26/11/2015-3/12/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Digital Literacy On Human Rights Education” Chieti-Pescara (Italy) 
17.11 – 24.11.2015 : Erasmus + Training Course “Branding for Youth Work and Youth Organisations” Tulcea, Romania 
11.11 – 18.11.2015 : Erasmus + Training Course “Youth empowerment through peer and self- development methods ” Belgrade, Serbia
03.11 – 08.11.2015: Erasmus + Training Course “Game magic @youthwork ” Bernati, Latvia
02/10/2015-11/10/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange ” Arts and Crafts: ideas for future”Vallefiorita, Italy
23/09/2015-29/09/2015: Erasmus + Training Course “Be Happy, Be Healthy ”,Plovdiv, Bulgaria
11/09/2015-18/09/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange ” Socialize your culture 2.0″Vasto, Italy
23.08.2015-31.08.2015 :Erasmus + Training Course “New prospects for Minorities &  Inclusive Europe”, Potenza, Italy
31/08/2015-08/09/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Sustainable Youth”,Tulcea Romania
24/07/2015-02/08/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Acting Youth Employment”,Milcoveni, Romania
27/07/2015-03/08/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Dont be a couch potato”,Ružomberok, Liptov region – Slovakia
04/07/2015-12/07/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Synergy Coach – Applied”, Ravnogor, Bulgaria
  20/06/2015-30/06/2015:Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Acting Youth Employment”,Milcoveni, Romania
06/06/2015-13/06/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Play Your Cards Right II – Summer Challenge”, Chata Alma,Czech Republic
21/05/2015-29/05/2015:Erasmus + Youth exchange “DBI – DON’T BE INDIFFERENT”,Zakopane,Poland
15/05/2015-23/05/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Special Effects for Youth Work” Cascais/Praia Grande, Portugal.
15/05/2015-22/05/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Play without limits” ,Budapest,Hungary
30/04/2015-07/05/2015:Erasmus + Training Course Act it Out’ Czech Republic
16/04/2015-25/04/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Synergy Coach – Decoded”, Ravnogor, Bulgaria
14/04/2015-23/04/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Key to success” Zadar, Croatia
17/03/2015-25/03/2015:Erasmus + Training Course “Europe for Inclusion” Zagreb, Croatia
23/02/2015 – 02/03/2015: Erasmus+ Training Course “Creative Entrepreneur: The Power of Imagination in Business” Barcelona, Spain
16/02/2015 – 24/02/2015: Training Course “Find a job – get a job” Ruše, Slovenia
06/11/2014 – 12/11/2014 :Erasmus + Training Course “Lets Go Viral!” Venue: Malta 
20/10/2014 – 27/10/2014: Youth Exchange “Because i am Healthy” Venue : Lisbon Portugal Because I´m helathy
16/10/2014 – 22/10/2014: Youth Exchange “Let’s go back to the future!”. Venue:  San Cesario di Lecce Italy
1/10/2014 – 10/10/2014:Erasmus + Youth Exchange “Trough Tradition to New Jobs” Venue: Nova Gradiška, Croatia 
1/09/2014 – 10/09/2014: Erasmus + Training Course “New Start” . Venue Hvar island Croatia