TraDE Clay

“Trade Clay”: From TRADition to Employment: Clay Creations” 23rd May – 1st June 2017
Phini Village, Cyprus

Project Summary:
“Trade Clay”: From TRADition to Employment: Clay Creations” is a youth exchange funded by Erasmus+ to promote entrepreneurship through traditional arts. The youth exchange will take place in Phini
area in Limassol district of Cyprus. Phini village is very famous for its tradition on pottery. 36 Participants coming from Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain will meet all together to experience this innovative project and create all together new
entrepreneurship ideas to fight unemployment through having a close insight experience with traditional means and
The aim of this youth exchange is to inspire young people to transform, improve and reinvent their own traditions, implement them into today’s world and create new job opportunities in an entrepreneurial way.
The project will focus on the ceramics traditional arts of Phini. The participants will be involved in workshops and they will create their ceramics projects from scratch! That will involve all the stages of the creative process, starting from gathering the soil to create the
clay and concluding with the firing of the final pieces. Study visits in small ceramic and entrepreneurship businesses will be included in the agenda as well as an exhibition with the pots created by the participants in the village square.
The methodology that will be used will be non formal education including workshops, hands on job, study visits, simulation games, energizes, team building activities, role playing exercises etc.

Participants profile:
The participants that will be involved in this project are young people, with efficient level of
English, interest on arts and culture, coming from rural areas of facing financial obstacles, seeking for inspiration and (or) want to change their career orientation and create their entrepreneurship opportunities.
Six participants per country (Cyprus,
Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain)  will join us: 5 people aged 20-30 and one group leader with no age limit.

Traveling Cost:
Portugal 620 Euros
Italy 170 Euros
Spain 400 Euros
Bulgaria 170 Euros
Romania 170 Euros

If you are interested to participate in this project, fill up the application form!!!