Their homes are taken, their Future not- 24/4-1/5/17 Chios island-Greece

“Their homes are taken, their Future not”



Chios island-Greece

Project’s subject is the issue and existence of refugees in the E.U. Participants will be 38 young people aged from 18 to 30 years old from Turkey, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Cyprus, Spain. The team from each country will be consisted of 4 participants and one group leader and teams need to be gender balanced(4+1). Main goal of this project is to make participants aware of the existence of the great refugee issue. Activities and workshops will be held under non formal education prism with main aim the awareness of both refugees, their rights and European projects. For the chosen activities we were consulted by the UN refugee’s department of Greece (Unhcr). daily cultural nights will promote cultural exchanges while the meaning of European Union will be underlined. Young people will broaden their horizons, will meet European policy about refugee issues and will make clear all issues addressed to refugee topic. They will defeat and overcome their stereotypes and all together they will cooperate so that requests and needs of refugees can be widespread and louder spoken.


  • 5 Cypriots(4 people aged 18-30 plus a leader no age limit
  • 170 euro travel reimbursement each
  • accomodation and food: fully covered by the programme

Applications until 25/01/2017

Host organization:Horizons For Youth is a Youth organization located in Athens, Greece, funded in November of 2013. Their activities are mainly granted by Erasmus+ programme and they are highly active with working with Youth locally and internationally