“YOUTHPASS : Useful or Useless”, Busteni , Romania 20-29.03.2017

Summary of the project :

“ Youthpass:useful or useless ? let’s debate !” is a youth exchange between 20-29 march 2017 to be held in Busteni,Romania with 42 participants from 8 countries :Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland,Romania and includes 18 youngsters with fewer opportunities.

The context is connected with increasing of youth unemployment and misunderstanding of role of key competences and youthpass certificate for getting a job

The aim of the project is to increase awareness of youngsters upon the role of developing the key competences in their personal and proffesional development and upon using the youthpass certificate to valorize the competences assimilated through voluntarate and nonformal education

The objectives are :

-define and understanding the key competences and their role in personal and professional development for facilitate access of youngsters on labour market

-increase youth interest for youthpass certificate and a better awareness of its potential in self portfolio and personal folder for getting a job

-promote “debate” as non formal education method to understand role of key competences and youthpass in personal development and access on labour market

-to offer for 34 youngsters and 8 leaders from 8 countries a common space to reflect on a better understanding of cultural diversity  and importance of european cooperation

Forseen activities are for preparation,introduction and getting to know eachother,trust and team building,presentation of participants and organizations,introduction of Erasmus + programme and youthpass certificate,cultural visits in Busteni and Prahova Valley region,intercultural evenings and evenings thematic or at youngsters disposal.There will be 5 thematic workshops for presentations of reasearches and introduction of terminology,then a intermediary workshop to explain the method and a debate tournament with 8 teams that will play in 4 rounds and in the end will edit a brochure with conclusions. Besides there will be transversal activities for visibility,management and monitorizing.

The methodology will be based on nonformal education and will consist in games ,presentations,debates,role plays and simulations ,workshops,visits,”world school debate “ competition

Results of the project will be a brochure, a film with the final ,a blog and a final DVD.The disemination will be done by all participants through internet and social networks,informations in associations and also by partners in mass media,partnership,on line posting.

Full programme: USEFUL-AGENDA

Participants :

The Cypriot  group will be: 4 youngsters 18-25 years old plus one group leader over 18 years old ; recommended that participants have good english skills

Reimbursement for Cypriots:170 euro
Food and Accomodation: full covered

Applications until 25/01/2017