Social Entrepreneurship : The New Era

18th-27th of October

Youth Exchange

Pedoulas Village, Nicosia District Cyprus



Project Details

Young people are the people responsible for the labor market and workspaces in the very near future. Therefore we need to able to provide to the younger generations the skills necessary in order to make them capable of not only survive in the labor market but also to make themselves competitive enough in order to succeed. The possible solution to this problem could be social entrepreneurial activity among young people, in other words – if they do not find a suitable job, that matches their requirements and skills, then they could create new employment opportunities for themselves. This sort of a step requires certain kind of pro-active attitude, creative approach to what one has to offer and some basic knowledge of how to become an entrepreneur, which young people often lack of. Youth work and youth organizations could play a key role in fostering and developing those attitudes and skills, through NFE methods. As we see from successful businesses they incorporate a creative approach and start thinking not only about generating income but innovating and driving the society forward.

Arrival Day 18/10 + Departure Day 27/10 



– Raise the awareness of youth social entrepreneurship as a career option;

– Introduce the notions of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship;

– Raise the role of creativity that drives innovation in entrepreneurship;

– Introduce tools for promoting entrepreneurial attitude among youngsters;

– Raise the motivation of youngsters to develop a social entrepreneurial attitude to get involved in social entrepreneurship;



Collipo Associação Juvenil – Portugal

Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych – Poland

Horizons For Youth – Greece

Associazione Di Promozione Sociale Young Effect – Italy

Asociatia Tineri Pentru Dezvoltare Durabila In Europa – Romania

Asociacion Cultural Y Social Trib-Arte – Spain


Participants Profile

Cypriots and/or Cyprios Residents

5 Participants : 18-30 years old + 1 Team Leader : No Age Limit

Application Form : Here 



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